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The Climate Change Fallacy is a Marxist Religion, not Science

climate change

The Climate Change Fallacy is a Marxist Religion, not Science

by Chris Brumbles

All one has to do is look at real scientific data and do just a bit of research to know that man-made “climate change”, or “global warming”, is nothing but a political ideology to use climate policy in order to redistribute our wealth. Just another of the big lies that come from the left to destroy our country and the liberty that it has always stood for and provided. The end game is to form a One World Communist Order using our money to enslave us all.

Climate Change is a religion, not science. Sen. Ted Cruz said it best a couple of years ago when addressing the media (adlibbing of course), “both of my parents were scientists, and in science you form a hypothesis and then try to disprove it. Global Warming is not science, it is a religion because anyone who disagrees with it commits heresy and is vilified”.

Politicians are now pulling out all stops to force feed us their religion. The left has always used emotion as their main tool, but now they have stooped to manipulate children to push their agenda. If you read agenda 21 and 30, you will see that the money from “Climate Change” will be used to bring in their One World Order, and if enough people don’t wake up, it will be too late.

In the year 1989, Noel Brown of the UN said we had 10 years to fix “Global Warming” or “entire nations could be wiped off the face of the earth by rising sea levels”. Thank goodness that Gore gave us more time, but since his propaganda didn’t pan out, AOC gave us 12 more years. This is a crock, a fraud, and a swindle; our way of living and our freedom are on the line.

Do you know that even the Co-Founder of Green Peace, Patrick Moore, admits that “The environmental movement is really a political activist movement”. The oceans have been rising at the rate of 2.84 millimeters for some 20,000 years. This has been measured since before Lincoln was president. We have measurements from 1850.

If you lay out hundreds of years of data, and cherry pick which years in the earths cycles that you want to show, you can be very convincing about your theories; until someone looks at the whole picture. It drives me insane when smart people tell me that they aren’t totally sold on global warming, but think there might be something to it. They are falling for the big lie without really doing any research.

The earth goes in cycles and we aren’t even close to experiencing the temperatures that we did in the 19th century; carbon does not raise the earth’s temperature, water droplets do, so unless the climate priests can control the sun, they are just stealing your money to enslave you.  Wake up everyone, your childrens’ happiness and Liberty depends on it.

Trees eat carbon and produce oxygen. Someone stealing and redistributing your money can not change the weather. Believe this hoax if you want, but I’m going outside now to rev up my pickup and feed some trees. God Bless.

In Liberty,

Chris Brumbles

Columbia County Coordinator

Oregon Firearms Federation

Founder, Oregon Irregulars 3%

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