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Contact Tracing Is Nothing More Than Data Mining

The less-than-transparent government have begun their attempts to force people to comply.

Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing Is Nothing More Than Data Mining

by Shari Dovale

Contact Tracing is the next step in data mining the government wants to implement against the American people, using the Covid 19(84) panic-demic as their excuse.

Contact tracing has been around for a very long time. Using it to contact partners for sexually transmitted diseases is but one example. However, in this “New Normal” they are telling us that they can use this tool against a virus that has a 99% recovery rate and against people that show no symptoms.

It is estimated that over 275 million people in the US alone have smartphones, out of about 330 million people. I point this out because Google and Apple have teamed up to develop technology for the governments to track you through the use of their technology.

Google and Apple have teamed up to build software to trace who’s been infected by Covid-19 directly into iOS and Android, the two operating systems that power almost 100% of the world’s smartphones.

In its digital form, Apple and Google are making it possible to automate this process at large scale by giving public health authorities the ability to tell when people are near each other by using signals picked up from their smartphones.

Those tools will become available through iOS and Android operating systems in mid-May, the companies say.

But they have already begun to spin this for those of us that are concerned about government overreach. Within the same article, they say:

Both companies are emphasizing privacy, saying that the tools won’t identify particular individuals, but will only make it possible for public health officials to contact people who might have been exposed.

I am very curious as to how they will be able to contact people when it does not identify any particular individuals?

Do not forget that it isn’t anonymous. Covid-19 is a notifiable disease so a doctor who diagnoses you must inform the public health authorities. Also, contact tracers have access to all sorts of other data such as public transport ticketing and credit-card records.

This next article tells us that later in the year an app will not be necessary, the operating systems will automatically be updated to include this technology.

Apple and Google are releasing contact-tracing features in two phases:

    • Starting in mid-May, apps can use a new contact-tracing API (application programming interface) that works with apps on iPhone and Android
    • Later this year, iOS and Android will receive updates to let users opt in to contact-tracing without installing an app

I am not sure how to see the “Opt-In” option working. It seems to me that the best way to Opt-anything would be to stop using my smartphone and go back to a standard flip-phone, or no phone at all. I know this can be hard for a lot of folks, yet for me, it is certainly an option I will be looking at.

We have also learned that Apple is targeting the broadest number of devices based on Bluetooth hardware support.  Oh boy, how many use Bluetooth? Don’t forget to count the new vehicles that come with that technology built in.

Why is this disturbing?

If you have not heard the Ventura County officials telling you that they can remove you from your home and place you in a special facility, then you should watch this video.

After public outcry, the Ventura County UNelected officials tried to walk back their statements saying they would never forcibly remove someone from their home. Yeah, ok, the government has never forced citizens from their homes before, right?

Additionally, we have Jay Inslee in Washington State telling us that the state is training National Guardsmen, along with state and local workers, to be their contact tracers. Why would he need to call in the National Guard?

Could it be that a new study indicates that 62% of Americans will not get a Covid vaccine, despite what the eugenisist Bill Gates tells you?

But they have begun their attempts to force people to comply.

In Kansas City, businesses that were deemed “Non-essential”, but are allowed a “limited” opening through their staged plans, will be required to get contact information from all customers. That means whether you go to a restaurant, a movie theater, or church, the establishment will have to know who you are to allow you entry.

The leftist Media are praising these efforts:

California’s plans to build an army of 10,000 people that can trace the trail of the coronavirus exposure could serve as a template for the nation

The New York Times, too, is pushing contact-tracing, with an editorial calling for “a legion of health workers, disease detectives,” in Gotham to find those “who may have been exposed and enact a system of isolation and quarantine.”

A fast-growing FBI data-mining system billed as a tool for hunting terrorists is being used in hacker and domestic criminal investigations, and now contains tens of thousands of records from private corporate databases, including car-rental companies, large hotel chains and at least one national department store, declassified documents obtained by show.

In this day of data mining concerns, as well as a less-than-transparent government, it is vital that the people stand up for their rights and say “NO” to this invasion of their privacy. It is only liable to lead to even more government intrusion, and communism at it’s finest.


Remember what Benjamin Franklin said:

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety,
deserve neither liberty nor safety.”



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3 Comments on Contact Tracing Is Nothing More Than Data Mining

  1. Do officials EVER think about the ruthless and inescapable law of unintended consequence ? Do they assume that the public will blindly sleepwalk into their net ?..Early on in this Dempanic, we might have voluntarily had ourselves tested, but now, with the prospect of getting our names on a list and being grilled as to our “Contacts”, I’m sure that many people will avoid testing like the plague…Early on, a person showing symptoms may have gone to their doctor, but now, with the threat of having their family locked at home – or worse – many may hunker down and hope for the best…..Reactions exactly counter to the govt line…The “Tracing” bit is particularly objectionable, and if there’s going to be a new normal, lets accept that security measures ALWAYS bring with them inconvenience and constraints…The bloodhounds need a scent to follow..don’t give them one..Get a Burner Phone…Carrying it in a Faraday Cage – a slip case made of tinfoil will do – will drop it into a Black Hole..Yes, no calls can come in either, but you’ll learn to cope….Same for IPads…On your car,.Find the Geopositioning antenna and give it the tinfoil treatment..success will show when your car can’t be located on the screen..The idea is to drop off the radar, and it’s best do it now, and not suddenly disappear later….Forgo establishments that want your ID….We have to show these CV fanatics that everything they’ve tried has resulted in flat failure..

    • BINGO! We don’t have any of that stuff and have others in a Faraday Cage already! All our stuff at home is ‘dumb’…and no one named Alexa lives with us. Our flip phones have worked for us for over 25 years.

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