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FBI Releases Video of Militia Arrest & Shooting

finicum shooting
LaVoy Finicum

FBI Releases Video of Militia Arrest & Shooting

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released 2 videos of the events on January 26, 2016. The first video is an uncut, raw version and the second is an edited (for time) version.

The videos were taken from above, while looking down, with no audio.shooting

Please be advised that the video does show the shooting of LaVoy Finicum. This may be disturbing to many people.

On Tuesday, the FBI set up a roadblock on Hwy 395 north of Burns, OR. They anticipated Ammon Bundy’s group heading through there for a pre-scheduled meeting in the town of John Day, about 70 miles north of the Refuge.

When the two vehicles reached the designated area, the FBI performed a traffic stop on the vehicles. This did not go well. LaVoy Finicum ended up dead, shot by federal agents multiple times.

The FBI have continued to arrest members of the ‘Citizens for Constitutional Freedom’. They arrested five at the traffic stop, two later in the town of Burns, and one in Arizona. Since then, though they claimed that everyone still left at the refuge would have free passage to leave, they arrested three of seven people that tried to do so.

Jason Patrick, who was left at the refuge, was given assurances that he would be allowed to leave the area. He was made to walk seven miles to the checkpoint, all while believing he was free to go. He made statements that he saw FBI vehicles pass him, but they still made him walk.

When he arrived at the checkpoint, he was arrested on the same charges as the Bundy’s.

Though the FBI continued to say that everyone would be allowed to leave the area, they did not hold to these statements. They ‘changed their minds’ after the fact. They did not keep their word.

Your government lied to you.


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