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Emperor Omodt has New Rules

January 20, 2024 0

Emperor Omodt has New Rules by Shari Dovale Luke Omodt is one of my most faithful readers. He does not miss an article, and is quick to get notifications on each one published. They all make [Read More]



November 21, 2023 0

MEASURE 114 DECLARED UNCONSTITUTIONAL by Oregon Firearms Federation Judge Robert Raschio in Harney County has declared Measure 114 to be “facially unconstitutional by a finding of clear and convincing evidence…” Our congratulations and gratitude go [Read More]

Brent Regan

Pattern of Deception

September 26, 2023 1

Pattern of Deception By Brent Regan, Chairman KCRCC A large portion of what we call “intelligence” is pattern recognition. Patterns of sounds are recognized as words or music. Patterns of symbols are written language. Patterns of [Read More]

Notice of Appeal Filed

Notice of Appeal Filed

August 13, 2023 0

Notice of Appeal Filed This week we filed a Notice of Appeal against Judge Immergut’s absurd ruling that virtually all firearm magazines can be banned and permit procedures that are impossible to comply with are constitutional, Meanwhile other cases [Read More]


Homeschooling is Key to Preserving Liberty

May 29, 2023 1

Homeschooling is Key to Preserving Liberty by Ron Paul The most recent release from the federally funded Nation’s Report Card shows that 40 percent of eighth graders lack even a basic understanding of US history, while [Read More]

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