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Rep. Matt Shea Interviews with David Knight

There really is only one reason to delay this long-awaited report: There Is Nothing There!

Matt Shea Interviews with David Knight

Rep. Matt Shea Interviews with David Knight

The Leftist Marxists are running full throttle after Rep. Matt Shea. A popular Washington State Republican, Shea has been elected to six terms in the State House.

Though he admits the difficulties in protecting the people’s rights in a Democrat-controlled state, he doesn’t give up. He continues to fight for Freedom and Liberty.

His opposition has spent $120,000 of the people’s money in their partisan witch hunt.

In their attempt to oust a favorite of the people, they have delayed the report that cost them so much money.

They have also taken a few pages out of the Trump Impeachment book and not allowed the defense even a glimpse at the findings. Shea, and his attorneys, have requested and been denied access to the information. He is as much in the dark as everyone else.

Rep. Matt Shea waits patiently as the Dems scramble. There really is only one reason to delay this long-awaited report: There Is Nothing There, and they must figure out how to spin it.

Shea sits down with David Knight of Infowars and explains the case. Infowars has also been attacked needlessly, for exposing the truth. Knight discusses it all with Rep. Shea in this important interview.

This is an interview worth watching.

To see the full episode, Real News with David Knight, here:

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