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Guardian Proves Rep. Matt Shea Is Not Racist

I wonder how it feels for them to actually prove that Shea is not racist?

Guardian Proves Matt Shea Is Not Racist

Guardian Proves Rep. Matt Shea Is Not Racist

by Shari Dovale

The Antifa-supporting Commies at the Guardian have repeatedly tried to convince you that good Conservative Christians are Bad. They are so fanatical about it that, it would seem, they don’t even bother to read what they are spewing on their automated-production-line “news”.

Every couple of weeks, the agitator author and his cohorts in the anti-Liberty movement throw out a bunch of regurgitated garbage hoping something will stick. This latest piece must not have been proofed, or even read, by the leftist rag, as it actually bolsters the target they were aiming at.

Constant rhetoric that the Conservatives are nothing but Conspiracy Theorists hasn’t worked yet, so they dug deep into their trash bin to come up with even more lame chat texts, only this time they were attempting to make some sort of connection between Rep. Matt Shea and James Allsup.

Allsup is reported to be a White Nationalist, racist, and all-around Bad Guy. The SPLC says so, as well as the rest of the progressive outlets. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. As I have not spent any time on the issue, I will not weigh in on that point. However, I would definitely do my research before believing anything the came from some of these websites.

The radical columnist was going for his pound of flesh when he reported that the latest chat texts received included a discussion concerning Allsup.

After prolonged conversation in which Robertson, in particular, defended Allsup after local Republicans “threw this guy under the bus”, Shea proposed they contact Allsup. “Here’s my two cents. Anthony I think you should reach out to him and if he is legit (not racist or a plant) make an ally.”

The problem, as they seemed to have missed it, is that Shea wanted the information verified. If, and this is pointed out, IF the man is NOT a racist, then they would make contact with him.

This actually proves that Shea is NOT a racist, as he didn’t want anything to do with a racist, as he said. However, if the guy was just another sacrificial lamb to be used by a group of folks WITHOUT cause, then that would be a different story.

I wonder how it feels for them to actually prove that Shea is not racist? If they are after the truth, then it should feel good. However, if they are only after a Liberal-Progressive-Socialist agenda, then they will be horrified and come out with even more trash against this good conservative Christian.


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  1. The continuous attempts by the fascist progressives at The Guardian and other news outlets-The Spokesman Review and others to smear with false allegations is confirmation that he is hitting the target. The enemies of this Republic will go after with a vengeance anyone who exposes their perfidy and anti-American National Socialist agenda. Stand Up for Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness (Property), and the Rule of Law. Stand with Matt Shea and others in the struggle against the Marxist-Leninist Deep State actors locally and nationally. It is time to restore local responsive government based on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Join the effort to create the new free 51st State of Liberty, and bring back government Of, By, and For We the People.

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