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Washington Dems and Their Emotional Vendetta

If they can do this to a duly elected legislator, what do you think they will do to the average citizen?

Washington Dems and Their Emotional Vendetta

Washington Dems and Their Emotional Vendetta

by Shari Dovale

The Washington House Democrats are playing their own version of the Mueller investigation-game and are spending $120,000 of the people’s money to investigate a dead issue, an issue of rumors, innuendo, and disgruntled volunteers.

This is another weary waste of resources, and taxpayer funds, to demonize a good Conservative Christian lawmaker. The insinuations that the Communist-leaning Guardian reported earlier this year have been debunked and are considered Fake News.

Yet, the House leadership, tired of the Freedom Agenda that Shea follows in his promise to his constituents, grasped at the straws the Christian-bashing anarchists threw at them.

Rep. Matt Shea, who repeatedly challenges the Democrat House leadership, has been dealing with the false allegations of a Socialist Hit-Piece for several months now. Rising above the slander, Shea went on to a winning session in the Washington House.

Therein lies the rub.

The Dems don’t want you to know all that Shea has accomplished.

They don’t want you to know about HR 4610, a bill honoring Japanese-Americans who suffered relocation and internment during World War II.

They don’t want you to know about SB 6025, which Shea spearheaded through to protect the privacy of all citizens that complied with the Bump Stock buyback program.

Shea is known as a leader in pro-life movement, supports veterans, and is an unwavering advocate for the Second Amendment and the Constitution.

These issues alone would make the Dems afraid of him.



Additionally, they don’t want you to know that Shea travels on Christian mission trips about 4-5 times per year, including a recent trip to Ethiopia. Spreading the word of God is not on the agenda for most Washington Liberal Democrats.

The Democrats from Olympia were reduced to playing the last card they held: a wish for an emotional conviction.

Kathy Leodler (Photo: Rampart Group LLC)

They contracted with Kathy Leodler, a former FBI agent from San Diego California, who once sued her employer, Vulcan Inc. claiming she and 3 others were pushed out after they saw unethical or illegal activities by company executives.

Fishing for anything they can on Rep. Shea, Leodler’s Rampart Group have been tasked with a non-binding, voluntary investigation that will focus largely on internet posts. And the taxpayers will have to pay the estimated $120,000 bill for them to “Surf the Web” and get themselves a free trip to Spokane.

The group has no subpoena powers, and no one is mandated to talk to them. The only ones that will be willing, I would guess, are the bellyaching rats that would love to see a communist flag rise in the State of Washington.

Note the mandate under the 3rd bullet point: Assess the level of threat of political violence posed by these individuals and groups.

The House Democrats are authorizing a threat level list to be created for their own nefarious purposes. This is just like what the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has been denounced over.

They have no jurisdiction to do this. Making and using a list like this is the same as being tried and convicted without a jury. If they can do this to a duly elected legislator, what do you think they will do to the average citizen?

Rep. Shea responded via email:

The House hiring of a private investigator is nothing more than a Mueller-style witch-hunt. They are looking into whether I “engaged in, planned, or promoted political violence” or am associated with groups that do.

This should be a very short investigation. I am not a member of, nor am I associated with, Antifa, Socialist Rifle Association (SRA), Redneck Revolt (RNR), John Brown Gun Club (JBGC), the Muslim Brotherhood, or Hamas.

I will not back down. I will not give up. I will continue fighting for you and to Make Washington Great Again.



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4 Comments on Washington Dems and Their Emotional Vendetta

  1. In you article, you state:

    “The insinuations that the Communist-leaning Guardian reported earlier this year have been debunked and are considered Fake News.”

    Who were they debunked by? Can you illustrate why “they are considered Fake News”? I need to see some more proof that that the insinuations were debunked. Can you elaborate?

  2. Please remember that the County Sheriff, Ozzie Knezovich, wallows and swims in SPLC training material. He works overtime to destroy Matt Shea, and uses LEO assets to do it.

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