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Montana Pro Life Rally Draws Crowd

Montana Joins Together To Stand For Life

Montana Pro Life Rally Draws Crowd
Montanans March For Life

Montana Pro Life Rally Draws Crowd

By Tim Ravndal

On the steps of the Montana Capitol folks from across Montana joined together to stand for life.  The rally was organized by Dr. Annie Bukacek who is the leader of the Montana Pro Life Coalition. Dr. Bukacek has spent many years pushing for the recognition of life from conception. Her passion is evident with the energy she shares with the people.

Knghts of Columbus lead March
Knghts of Columbus lead March

Today in front of the people of Montana, the Knights of Columbus stood guard over the people with pride.  The citizens were excited to bring forward a message to the 66th Montana Legislature to protect the Sanctity of Life.

Senator Jennifer Fielder in SD7 is said to be a been a shining light in the Montana Senate without exception.  Her devotion to defending the Constitution has been her passion without exception.

Senator Fielder has been under attack by the left including character assassinations yet she remains solid to the people of Montana and her job.  Many people we spoke to admire her courage.

Senator Jennifer Fielder

Perhaps it is evident in her speech to the citizens on the steps of the Montana Capitol that gives her the heart and soul to do her job for the people of Montana.

Sen. Albert Olszewski (R) served in the United States Air Force, and is an orthopedic surgeon in Kalispell Montana.  Senator Olszewski is currently serving in the Montana on behalf of the people. 

This last election cycle Senator Olszewski ran for United States Senate where he garnered a lot of attention with the working class Montana citizens. 

Today at the rally at the Capitol, Senator Olszewski brought the crowd to a heightened level of enthusiasm showing solidarity in life. 

Sen. Albert Olszewski

Many times the people are asked what they can do to make a difference.  Senator Olszewski is well tuned to the people and provided a closing speech that shook the steps of the Montana Capitol.  

When the rally came the end of speakers the people were lead by the honor guard of the Knights of Columbus,

They marched around the Capitol in unison showing the legislature and the people of Montana they were united in the fight for life.

In closing, Dr. Bukacek put forth a few words for the people to part with.




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