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Learning From Our Past Mistakes

All of this is reminiscent of what happened in the early days of the Vietnam War.

Learning From Our Past Mistakes

Learning From Our Past Mistakes

By Bill O’Neil

I took part in a gathering this weekend in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. After the meeting it was revealed that there were two ‘liberal’ factions meeting at a local café late today to discuss interrupting groups of Conservatives or Republicans gathering for discussions, classes or even Town Hall Meetings.

After that announcement was given a young lady said she was from Spokane County, our neighbors in Washington State, and they had a meeting last week that was attended by about 30 to 35 ‘liberals’ that were rude and obnoxious, along with yelling and screaming that made most everyone there uncomfortable.

It is more than obvious the left is gathering the troops to act out against anything conservative or Republicans might be doing in their meetings or gatherings. Those in our meeting were advised to be alert in what was going on around them. It was reported that some of the people coming to interrupt these meetings are advised to do what it takes to get the attention they are looking for.  This is according to what was said by some as the meeting ended.

All of this is reminiscent of what happened in the early days of the Vietnam war prior to the rioting and looting that went on, using the anti war movement as an excuse for criminal behavior.

It might be in the best interest of the public for people that go to these meetings or gatherings to get photos of the trouble makers and the license numbers of the vehicles they enter. The more photos the better for authorities to identify them should attendees begin to experience victimization from vandalism or other criminal behavior.

When you leave any gatherings you might attend, make sure you are not being followed by anyone other than people you know and trust.

Below are some web addresses of things going on we should all be aware of.   Is history about to repeat its self ? Fueling Anti-Trump, Soros-Funded Protests

Obama-linked activists have a ‘training manual’ for protesting Trump

Authorities ‘strongly encourage’ House members to review security plans before week of town halls


3 Comments on Learning From Our Past Mistakes

  1. This is redolent of the Brownshirts, who attacked and disrupted opposing political meetings during Hitler’s early days. I can’t believe however that these clowns will persist. The seductions of prosperity – the jobs and careers that seem to be in the offing – will draw many of these juveniles away. Tenacity and forebearance is our long suit , and we should simply outlast em. How about handing the microphone to the loudest and let him- or her – make a fool of themselves ?

    • Jobs and careers draw them away? What do you think they’re afraid of? I would suggest it’s having to work that they fear most!

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