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Government Theft Of Our Children

This tragedy could come to your home!

Government Theft Of Our Children

Government Theft Of Our Children

by Tim Ravndal

Family homes across America are being turned upside down in the name of protecting children. Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services is funded by the taxpayers with near zero accountability.

This series is about the theft of children here in Montana. We are showing these interviews that expose alleged criminal acts by our government. This tragedy could come to your home and we need your help to expose the corruption.

The government agencies and associated non-government organizations that deal with “Child Protective Services” is a well organized corporate machine. Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services uses funding to operate based on the number of children in the system. Gina Satterfield explains how this numbers game has become a legal corporate human trafficking enterprise built and operated by our own government.

Here we hear from a father that has lost his 3 children because the government determined he was a danger to his own kids. He has fought this tragedy for the past 6 years without being afforded due process. Tom Fredrick tells a horror story that no parent would ever want to go through.

Keith and Raye Newmeyer were unable to have children of their own. They decided to go through a rigorous process to qualify to adopt. With all in order they adopted a little boy and were moving forward in Helena Montana building their family. They went through the process again, to adopt a young girl and all was great.

Until…Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services sent in the troops to rip these kids from this home. Based on a claim founded in the public school system Kieth and Raye found their lives destroyed with no way to get the truth out. Guilty without the right to prove their innocence the government took these 2 children into a system that has no accountability. Here is their story.

Redoubt News will continue to put the spotlight on this tragedy facing families across America. We will also continue to seek answers from the Department and push for accountability to the people.



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  1. I cannot believe that foreign children get more help than the children in America. WE have more children in America that have been taken away from homes than foreizgn children

  2. This was well done and long overdue. Thank you for including all states and exposing the truth about Child Protective Services and the Family Courts. Someone reported your video as spam and they removed all 50 that I shared. I told them it wasn’t spam, and waiting now to see if they put them back up. Thanks again for what you’re doing.

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