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Bundy Prosecutor Steven Myhre is OUT

The world continues to wait for Navarro's ruling on the second whistle-blower letter from Larry Wooten.

Will Steven Myhre Show Up for Court on January 8th?
Former Acting US Attorney for the District of Nevada, Steven Myhre (right) (Photo courtesy of Raja Dee)

Bundy Prosecutor Steven Myhre is OUT

by Shari Dovale

Bundy prosecutor, Steven Myhre, who has come under intense scrutiny recently over Brady violations in the Bundy Standoff trial, has been reassigned into a non-supervisory position within the US Attorney’s office.

From Las Vegas Review Journal (in Bold):

After a stormy year, the long tenure of Steven Myhre as the No. 2 prosecutor in the Nevada U.S. attorney’s office has ended under secrecy.

Within the past month, Myhre left his job as first assistant to Interim U.S. Attorney Dayle Elieson and took on new duties in the office as a senior litigation counsel, several former federal prosecutors who have spoken with office members told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

His new position comes with no supervisory responsibilities, but allows him to mentor and train younger attorneys, according to a Justice Department manual.

Redoubt News reported on the history of violations in which Steven Myhre has been involved. The standard by which the Brady violations are judged is through US v. Chapman, a case which Steven Myhre knows intimately. This history should have provided him with the requisite knowledge to not allow himself, or his department, to be caught, yet again, in a scandal of this magnitude.

In January, … Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro dismissed the high-profile criminal case against rancher Cliven Bundy and his co-defendants over the armed 2014 standoff near Bunkerville. Navarro concluded that Myhre’s prosecution team committed “flagrant” misconduct by not turning over evidence to the defense that could have harmed the government’s case. The Justice Department earlier had ordered an internal investigation of the prosecution team.

Elieson this week refused to confirm or comment on Myhre’s move and other management changes in the office, including the promotion of Andrew Duncan from criminal division chief to executive assistant U.S. attorney. She said through a spokeswoman that she considered the matters to be personnel issues. But other U.S. attorneys across the country put out news releases about such changes, and larger offices in New York, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. include the names of supervisors on their websites.

Though not specified within the Department of Justice, bringing Elieson into the top position at that particular time was rife with speculation as to Myhre’s tenuous position, and whether or not he would retain a position with the Justice Department or be quietly retired.

Myhre was the acting U.S. attorney in Nevada as a result of the Trump administration’s firing of longtime U.S Attorney Daniel Bogden. He also spent more than a year as acting U.S. attorney in 2007.

In January, the Justice Department took the unusual step of bringing Elieson from Texas to temporarily take the reins of the Nevada office rather than hiring someone from within the state.

Now, it would seem that Judge Gloria Navarro is again back in a position of authority over the prosecutors office.

Her 120-day term ends in May, which means if she wants to continue heading the office, she must be appointed by Navarro for another temporary term until the president decides to put someone in the position for the long term.

However, while the US Attorney’s office continues with their shake-ups, the world continues to wait for Navarro’s ruling on the second whistle-blower letter from Larry Wooten.

The first letter was originally disclosed by Washington Representative Matt Shea, via Redoubt News. The letter outlines egregious violations and abuses committed by the Bureau of Land Management employees, lead by SAC Dan Love:

This report names several BLM agents and employees, but then it goes even further. The US Attorney’s office is also implicated in the cover-up:

When I asked [AUSA (First Assistant and Lead Prosecutor) Steven] Myhre if the former BLM SAC’s statements like “Go out there and kick Cliven Bundy in the mouth (or teeth) and take his cattle” and “I need you to get the troops fired up to go get those cows and not take any crap from anyone” would be exculpatory or if we would have to inform the defense counsel, he said something like “we do now,” or “it is now.”

Wooten took great risk upon himself to report the flagrant and vicious acts committed by these government representatives and the Acting US Attorney, Steven Myhre, had him fired from the investigation.

On February 18, 2017, I was removed from my position as the Case Agent Lead Investigator for the Cliven Bundy/Gold Butte Nevada Case

My supervisor told me that AUSA Steven Myhre “furiously demanded” that I be removed from the case and mentioned something about us (the BLM, specifically my supervisor) not turning over (or disclosing) discovery related material

The second Wooten letter is apparently a direct response from Mr. Wooten to AUSA Myhre saying that the first whistle-blower letter was full of lies. Mr. Wooten seems to have doubled-down to maintain his reputation of being an honest man.


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5 Comments on Bundy Prosecutor Steven Myhre is OUT

  1. After watching the FBI corruption being exposed, and Navarro make every attempt to stifle the the Bundy defense, , all these people need to get their walking papers, including the crowd in Oregon (Judge Brown) . These are the people held in high authority that reject the idea of Fair Trials.

  2. My take on the dynamics of this federal boondoggle is the same as another firsthand witness – Larry Klayman. At the outset of the trial, Judge Navarro worked hand in hand with Myhre, giving him every advantage while barely tolerating the defense. It was not until the case started going sour – due to a series of incredible blunders by Myhre – that Navarro started looking out for #1. She would have been happy to see the Bundys in prison for life, but not at the expense of her reputation. In contrast to the vast majority of those subjected Federal extortion, Cliven, Ryan and Ammon would make no deals,would not give an inch, and told the Feds “Bring it on”! The Feds were confronted with being dragged into court and pushing a crock of s–t indictment. At any rate, with the case collapsing around her ears, it was cut and run time for ol Gloria. She wasn’t going down with the ship. Her excoriation of Myhre was her final distancing from him, making him the fall guy.

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