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Rep. Shea Has NOT Been Expelled From Caucus

This does not mean that Shea cannot vote, or continue to do the job that the people hired him to do.

Rep. Shea Has NOT Been Expelled From Republican Caucus

Rep. Shea Has NOT Been Expelled From Republican Caucus

by Shari Dovale

Despite the rhetoric put out by the Liberal Main Stream Media (MSM), Washington State Representative Matt Shea has not been expelled from the Republican Caucus.

The Not-So-Conservative House Minority Leader, JT Wilcox, issued a statement as soon as the report was released which included:

“House Republican Leadership has suspended Representative Matt Shea from the caucus and removed him from his ranking position on the House Environment and Energy Committee.”

Wilcox states that Shea “deserves a fair process” yet he does not seem to believe that impartiality should come from him.

The Minority Leader had access to the report weeks before it was released to the media, yet he did not believe in fairness to Shea at that time, as he did not share the report with Shea or his attorney.

Wilcox has come up against the conservative citizens in the state before, as he has a history of voting with the democrats against the Republican platform. (See Sanctuary State) However, he has not been quite as blatant about his personal animosity against Rep. Shea until now.

Wilcox, in his statement, did not say that Shea had been expelled, he said that the Representative has been “suspended”. In all likelihood, many of the MSM “reporters” probably do not understand the difference between those two words, so I will explain it here.

suspend [ suh-spend ] verb (used with object)

to debar, usually for a limited time, from the exercise of an office or function or the enjoyment of a privilege: The student was suspended from school.

expel [ ik-spel ] verb (used with object)

to cut off from membership or relations: to expel a student from a college.

As you can see, suspend denotes a temporary issue, while expel is of a permanent nature. Though the MSM would like to convince everyone that Wilcox has the power to expel Shea from the Caucus, this is simply not true.

The only way that Shea could be expelled from the House Republican Caucus is for the caucus to hold a vote and do this as a body, which they have not done.

Additionally, this suspension does not mean that Shea cannot vote, or continue to do the job that the people hired him to do. On the contrary, he has vowed to continue. This just means that JT Wilcox has shown his bitterness and personal animosity towards Rep. Shea, and moved his office to a distant closet and said that Shea cannot discuss bills with the caucus.

Okay. So Wilcox does not want Shea to support the caucus, or their stance on issues? That will not keep Shea from voting his conscience. Shea did not spend the majority of his time in his office before, and is unlikely to do so now.

The voters have chosen. The MSM doesn’t like it, so what? JT Wilcox doesn’t like it, too bad.

The people in his district are the calling the shots.



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3 Comments on Rep. Shea Has NOT Been Expelled From Caucus

  1. We have very few people that represent us that have the courage to stand up for the truth and defend the People! You are so blessed to have Matt Shea as your representative!!! Go Matt!!! People-never forget who has your back!!

  2. Suspend AND expel ARE versions of being cut-off, the former may, or may not remain temporary, the latter can be rescinded.

    Both are damaging and violative to the rights of a falsely accused person.

    It’s C.Y.A. semantics.

  3. God bless Matt Shea. The commie pukes in western Washington are NOT after Matt Shea. They are after US and Matt is just in the way. Support him!

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