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Russ Fulcher – Conservative For Congress

In this exclusive interview with Redoubt News, Fulcher does not shy away from any topic.

Russ Fulcher Running for US House seat in Idaho's District One

Russ Fulcher – Conservative For Congress

In a modern day Fireside chat, congressional candidate Russ Fulcher discussed a variety of topics.

You will see that he discusses issues that are important to citizens in Idaho, as well as the rest of the country. Included are Education, The Bundy Ranch trials, Immigration, and more.

In this exclusive interview with Redoubt News, Fulcher does not shy away from any topic, as you can see here. Join Shari Dovale as she questions him on what is important to the voters.

When asked about his views on education and common core:

And about the situation with the Bundy family and Federal vs State lands:

His views on Wilderness Areas and Immigration:

Article 5 and the Second Amendment:

Medical Marijuana, Hemp Oil and Arming Teachers:

Answering some questions raised on his Sunshine and FEC Reports:

Some of his thoughts on standing with the Constitution and some final comments in closing:

“While representing the Treasure Valley in the Idaho State Senate for nearly a decade, Russ was an unwavering advocate for conservative principles, responsible governance, and ethical leadership. He understands that “business as usual” is not good enough for Idaho. He has developed innovative solutions to the challenges our state is facing.

In the legislature, Russ led the charge with reforms that truly support Idaho’s families and job creators. His signature legislation, the grocery tax credit, returns more than $100 million to Idaho taxpayers every year. This allows Idahoans to keep more of our hard-earned dollars to spend, save, and invest. Russ also served on the Senate State Affairs and Education Committees. His colleagues elected him to be the Senate Republican Caucus Leader for 6 of the 10 years that he served.”

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2 Comments on Russ Fulcher – Conservative For Congress

  1. Good questions well answered by a good man. But I absolutely must diverge from Mr. Fulcher’s viewpoint on “our great state resources” when all are lumped in together: timber, yes; mining, maybe; natural gas (& oil), no – and the last few years have shown us that the gas & oil industry is far different from the other resources we’re used to taking advantage of in Idaho. As he said about Common Core, there’s “a whole backside to that legislation”, already promulgated at the state level here by industry lobbyists, that he seems to refuse to recognize: that it is all about -LOSS- OF LOCAL CONTROL, with the State “occupying the field of oil & gas” and passing laws that strip citizens of due process when the State -forces- them to lease their mineral rights to any company (whether financially solid or not) that asks for this; not to mention uncompensated use of -surface rights to their land- of people who (usually unwittingly) don’t happen to own the mineral rights under their homes. …Which is all about -STRIPPING- OF CITIZENS’ RIGHTS, OF PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS, AND OF CITIZENS’ PROPERTY VALUES for the sake of (out-of-state) businesses wishing to make a profit here -and- have local citizens and jurisdictions fund a whole lot of their business expenses while they do it. Note that the USGS doesn’t even believe there -is- much in the way of natural gas to be developed here; but the State has been cozened into expecting big pots of “free money” in the form of state severance taxes… a situation which hasn’t materialized over the course of -several- years of active wells. And does it not boil down to WHAT PRIORITIES COME FIRST? – people’s basic rights & local control in safe communities, or a State oil & gas program based on pie-in-the-sky predictions (wishes)? — Some few large property owners who wish to gain from leasing their mineral rights (which would be a -windfall- for them, keep in mind – not basic to their decision about where to live) make a pretense of saying that -they- “believe in property rights”, and want to simply exercise -theirs- as owners of putative potentially extractable gas &/or oil. (I doubt these people actually -live- right next to that spot where a well would go.) Juxtapose this to the homeowners in Fruitland who have been -forced- to put up with drilling rigs in their view (some right on the Payette river – how safe a spot is -that- for a gas well? – upstream of Fruitland’s city water intake, even), whose home mortgages may now be compromised because of this industrial activity in their vicinity, and who now can’t sell their homes for much, if at all, because of it. — Though I didn’t hear him refer to it in these interviews, Mr. Fulcher, in common with many of his political compatriots of a “liberty bent” (bless them), often says that he is against “too much government regulation” (even Brad Little will say -that-) – yet (and bypassing the bit about the State’s absolute overreach in willy-nilly “occupying the field”) regulation is the -only- thing that has any hope of protecting the interests and health & safety of the people -and- local jurisdictions of this state from the worst of the risks & harms that are -common- due to the nature of the petroleum industry… especially when plunked down in -residential- areas. That too-much-regulation line works for the forest lands, not for gas & oil. If we’re not darned sorry “we” allowed this to begin in Idaho, it will only be if we’re darned lucky. (But so far in my research I haven’t run across -any- place around the nation where more than a handful of people consider themselves “lucky” that their hometown has been developed by the petroleum industry.) Caveat emptor, Redoubters, when you think to buy into -this- story. This is more about -us- being taken advantage of, not the resource.

  2. I was very impressed by these interviews – with the exception being one thing. Common Core. Everyone and their brother knew Common Core was basically Crap Core at the time Mr. Fulcher helped get this pushed through and the ramifications are still being felt over this. Common Core is sort of like Obama Care (ACA) – it was easy to get in, but will be almost impossible to purge. I understand his “new” understanding that CC was trash, but, I am concerned that though people warned Mr. Fulcher this was a cluster-flop – it was still pushed through for Idaho. What in the future will also be pushed through because he thinks it is good? More Common Core, more ObamaCare, more “insert name of crappy legislation here”?

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