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US Attorney Myhre Sinks Deep in the Swamp

It is amazing that Kleman never bothered to ask WHO directed them to shred the documents.

US Attorney Myhre Sinks Deep in the Swamp
First Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven Myhre is depicted, with U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro in the background, during his opening statement to jurors in the first Las Vegas trial against associates of rancher Cliven Bundy. (David Stroud/Special to Las Vegas Review-Journal)

US Attorney Myhre Sinks Deep in the Swamp

by Staff

Judge Gloria Navarro surprised the defense teams in the Bunkerville standoff trial by allowing them three days of testimony in an evidentiary hearing, with a fourth day promised.

The hearing has focused on the shredded documents found after the protest in 2014. These documents are thought to contain exculpatory evidence, or evidence that would aid the defense.

In a surprising ruling, Judge Navarro allowed disgraced BLM agent Dan Love to be questioned for a full day on Monday. Love was obviously upset at the officials in the DOJ overriding his authority as the Incident Commander.

Love dropped a bombshell implicating former US Attorney Daniel Bogden in the decisions to release the cattle, bringing an end to the protest of the BLM cattle impoundment in 2014. However, the implications were that Bogden may have been planning to entrap the defendants into this prosecution.

Tuesday brought testimony from Kent Kleman , investigator for the Bureau of Land Management. Kleman was in charge of the investigation of the shredded documents.

During Kleman‘s testimony, it was revealed that Acting US Attorney, Steven Myhre, not only asked Kleman to investigate this issue, but set the parameters and directed the course of the investigation. This puts a large “Conflict of Interest” stamp on Myhre’s forehead.

Myhre made repeated attempts to shut down this testimony, calling it ‘privileged’, yet it continued with more details.

It would seem that when the original motion was filed by the defense in October 2016, Myhre called Kleman at that time to determine what happened. Kleman then spoke with Myhre at least weekly for the next year, discussing all aspects of the investigation.

During the investigation, Kleman admitted that he did NOT talk to all the principals involved in the event. This investigator testified that he was told of a “hurried shredding event” yet never bothered to ask WHY they were doing the shredding, though he was told that Command Staff were assisting. In light of this knowledge, it is amazing that Kleman never bothered to ask WHO directed them to shred the documents.

Myhre continued grasping at straws in his attempts to shut down this testimony, as he played with semantics in his attempts to protect the witness and distract from the facts.

BLM Communications specialist Toni Suminski testified that there was no shredding done on April 12th, as the personnel just grabbed their stuff and left the area. She also testified that “Nadia” came with Kleman to question her. Suminski nodded towards AUSA Nadia Ahmed, seated at the prosecution table, when she said her name.

This would indicate even deeper involvement by the US Attorney’s office into this quagmire of deception. How far did the US Attorney’s office go with this? Did they set the specific events to directly allow for prosecution of the protesters?

At the end of the 3-day hearing, Attorney Ryan Norwood (who represents Ryan Payne) pointed out that the testimony of Kleman disagreed with the testimony of Suminski.  Kleman testified that some of the shredding took place in a harried and panicked manner on the  last day of the BLM’s operation; while Suminski testified that the shredding on the last day–if any–had been quite calm and limited.

This led Judge Navarro to order YET ANOTHER DAY of factfinding on the subject.  The evidentiary hearing will continue on Friday November 3 with additional witnesses.  Thus, the hearing on the motion to dismiss the entire case will continue AFTER the jury is selected (on Monday through Wednesday, October 30-November 1).

How deep does this swamp go?


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*10/27/17 – edited to reflect the corrected spelling of the name Kent Kleman.


12 Comments on US Attorney Myhre Sinks Deep in the Swamp

  1. Obama’s Bureau of Libel Management (BLM), FERAL Bureau of dis-Information (FBI) and Department Of inJustice (DOiJ) need to be flushed out! Those Oath-Breakers whom acted to deprive Citizens of their rights, deserve MAXIMUM fines and MAXIMUM imprisonment – including BS-Barry, Holder, Lynch, Comey, et all.


  2. This is a horrible nightmare for those obvious as long as myself. I have many of times wanted to leave my life and go to stand in front of these people with all the power and might of all that is Holy just pouring out of my being. Hard to restrain. I feel God himself wants to and will handle it. The evil that has been done is so not according to the laws of God and his statutes. Father has made promises on conditions met by both sides. Some have as far as I acknowledge filled the requirements for blessings and others for his “tough love”. God only chastens those he loves…the others that are as smoke in his nose need worry.

  3. What a tangled web they weave….Myhre finds himself playing whack a mole, in a losing battle against the truth.

    • May both Myhre and Navarro be summarily fired by the DOJ as soon as President Trump finally decides to fire Sessions and replace him with a truly patriotic department head. Wampler for the #1 guy of the Department of “Justice”! In the imortal words of Cliven Bundy, “Let’s git ‘er done”!!

  4. I am so deeply disturbed at the corruption in our american justice system I don’t know how to process it. These lawsuits are full of fabricated charges against the ranchers and has gone on far too long by an incompetent prejudiced judge and unscrupulous lawyers. Now we find out about certain government officials selling off the mineral rights (uranium?) of the public grazing lands that the BLM has been pushing the ranchers off who have rented them for generations. Their protest was justified but the BLM had to turn it into a power play and one man was ambushed and murdered because of it. Dan Love has much to answer for and should at least have been rotting in a cell along with the defendants. Why our AG has not moved to throw this case out or Trump pardoned them like he did for sheriff Joe I do not understand.

    • Pamela Griggs, I too wish our patriots were set free, but my understanding is that a pardon cannot be given unless the person is tried and convicted by a jury. With the so-called guidelines set, expanded, or changed at the whim of a prejudiced judge like Queen Navarro, I believe she sees only that outrageous ratio of court “guilty” verdicts vs. “innocent” decisions. She has kept innocent persons in jail without unanimous verdicts for nearly 2 years, insisting on retrial when there is no 100% unanimous verdict by declaring mistrials. I have never heard of any judge that continues with one delay after another as this witch has. It’s as though she would like every prisoner to accept a plea bargain so she can pass sentence of outrageous time in jail, thus building on a “guilty” rate of over 98% in her trials. How many millions of dollars has this woman cost the government while providing huge profits for the private jails facetiously called “detention centers”. Sounds like ulterior motives to me!

  5. Doesn’t go any deeper then the defense fishing for anything they can to try to distract everybody from the charges of obstruction of federal officers,. If papers were shredded it was to protect the names and addresses of the officers and contract cowboys from the threats they have been getting from the Bundy associates

    • Harold Poole is living in an alternate universe!! I’m sure that if Harold Poole would have been alive in the mid 1700’s he would only see the British in a positive light?!?! Does it bother your knees or back bowing at the altar of tyranny to worship corrupt government??

    • Harold : It’s always amusing to hear from people who weren’t there but know all about it. Would you really be fighting for King George ? It appears so..At any rate, it appears that the Govt is self destructing in Vegas like they did at our trial in Portland – yes, I’m one of the seven acquitted in that trial. As in Portland, the Vegas Jurors are not buying, and the results so far – two mistrials with the Govt not even close to convictions – are not the result of “Distractions” from the defense. The arrogant and obnoxious capering of prosecutor Myhre has certainly not helped the Govt case, But, not to put too fine a point on it this Bundy et al proceeding is a crock of s – – t !

    • Are not those records government documents that are required to be protected and preserved? Isn’t there federal law to preserve all records (electronic and otherwise)?

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