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America Divided – by Christian Schwab

Most Americans agree, under the present way of doing business, the individual is not represented.

America Divided - by Christian Schwab

America Divided

*In this series we will look at how our politics has become decisive.

by Christian Schwab

Left or Right, Real News or Fake, everything these days seem polarized. The issues are large; Gun Violence, Healthcare, Tax Reform, Immigration… with all these issues one must ask is the great experiment over? Has America reach a point where neither side will be satisfied?

Research has shown the link to the upheaval lead straight to the doors of Washington DC. Politicians in Congress need to raise money for their Campaign and Party funding. This aspect consumes 1/3 of their time leading to a life of wining and dining by lobbyists bringing favors from our officials.

All start out going to Washington to change the system but find they have time to only push 1 or 2 items throughout their career. Our founders understood Government should only be a part time job with only 4 functions to minimize the possibility of corruption, but our federal government has started reaching into State’s business and social justice, meaning more doors are opened for bribery and compromise, negating any real accomplishments.

When they are able to see a path to accomplish one goal for their constituents, it usually comes with compromise. Each department has grown, leading to bigger bills, and these days bills can reach as high as 10,000 pages, leaving only a few days to take the time to read the whole bill. With uphill battles like this it’s no wonder there’s division within and between Congress and the White House, reaching out to anyone within earshot.

Some would say we need more laws restricting lobbyists, term limits, federal election funding, etc… but in a world so divided one must ask if that will work when the government switches parties or views.

Washington DC also has their own dictionary written to manipulate the masses into making individuals to think they are only working for them. ‘INSURANCE’ has become something you have while praying you never need to using it regularly for “health benefits” including a gym membership. ‘GUN CONTROL’ has been manipulated to mean new gun laws to restrict law abiding citizens while ignoring the fact criminals don’t follow laws, and ‘BANKRUPT’ means America can handle a 20 Trillion dollar debt because all the other developed Countries per GDP have more, completely ignoring the US has borrowed in the past just to pay the interest.

In a perfect example of a push away from any kind of Constitutional rationing, Congress is attempting to pass a tax reform bill the very nature of which gives favor to interstate businesses over the individual. The Constitution has always allowed Congress to tax interstate commerce to fund the government but the tax plan prioritizes these businesses by giving permanent cuts while temporarily relieving ‘SOME’ individuals. Wasn’t the Constitution set up to protect the individual? Not make us divided amongst ourselves?

Most Americans agree, under the present way of doing business, the individual is not represented. Rather, special interests have infused control over all branches making the future of our republic unclear.


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