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Last Week at the Las Vegas Bundy Trial

The BLM wished a self-serving prophecy that all the gunplay hype would lead to a gunfire event.

Last Week at the Las Vegas Bundy Trial

Last Week at the Las Vegas Bundy Trial

Dear Friends,

I encourage all to make the trip to Las Vegas to meet the Bundy family and their supporters during this continuing trial (hopefully after last week not for much longer).

Today it appears the prosecution’s case is unraveling with Judge Navarro’s decision to release the defendants to home detention, however, this travesty is far from over. The fate of these men hangs in the balance on scales appearing to tip their way, but do not underestimate the means by which full vindication can be corrupted.

Your eyes on this prosecution protects the spirit of justice that people from around this nation are here to seek. What happens in Vegas must not stay in Las Vegas. With help from many Facebook bloggers, ordinary citizens and legal aides the whole truth is cutting through the silence Fake news will not cover.

This week’s court action, the comradery amongst the Bundy supporters here at trial and the beautiful Bundy family who have not wavered from their convictions has rewarded Dorothy and me with one of the most inspiring weeks of our lives.

I want to reveal some of the highlights witnessed during the trial and express my gratitude for those who stand against all odds.  Your government will go to any extreme to prejudice the public, to extort by any means the fair and orderly prosecution of justice; they will lie (as proven during testimony by a federal agent) to advance an agenda even at the cost of betraying their oath to serve and protect the public and defend the Constitution. Our eyes are wide open to this injustice because a few men stood without hesitation to protect their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor from a misdirected agency on a quest to take by any means necessary the Bundy family ranch.

Last Week at the Las Vegas Bundy Trial
Idaho Representative Dorothy Moon with Ryan Bundy

My hat’s off to Ryan Bundy who is so eloquently presenting himself in his own defense without the aid of legal training. Ryan’s conversation was covertly recorded by federal officers during a phone contact they made to inform him that they were going to impound the family’s cattle.  These special BLM agents also wanted to know what response they might expect from the Bundy’s to stymie their operation.

The prosecution played a parsed variety of excerpts from the 46-minute conversation with Ryan to impugn the Bundy’s by characterizing them as dangerous and militant. Ryan told the officers to go home and stay away if they wished to avoid any trouble stealing their cattle. Ryan stated that they would do “whatever it takes” to prevent the theft. The BLM’s chief agent agreed in this conversation that he too would defend his property if someone trespassed upon him with aim to plunder.

These words, “whatever it takes”, underscored the context for what would escalate to better fit the agency’s agenda; to confiscate Bundy property with use of deadly force. The entire agency’s action and prosecution’s offensive was dependent upon this misguided belief which precipitated the armed BLM assault upon the Bundy’s and their supporters at the Bunkerville rally.

The defense team argued that the cherry-picked snippets presented by separate exhibits were prejudicial as most of the 46-minute conversation was cut. This left a cloud over the notion of Bundy’s intentions and gave the impression that they could be dangerous. The narrowly focused comment was discovered not so dire a conviction when the Judge ordered the full conversation heard. In fact, what the Bundy’s hoped came to pass as their fellow ranchers appeared and stood with them on that fateful April morning in 2014 as well as hundreds of men, women and children from all over the nation.

The “whatever it takes” comment was seen by all in the courtroom to be that of non-violence, of bringing people together to redress their government. The Bundy’s were not armed, except for Ryan who always kept a sidearm, but he remained at all times with the Sheriff or a Sheriff’s deputy.

The Bundy’s never called for arms but when, after days of surveillance and the knowledge of an armed federal army amassing around their perimeter, legions of men came to defend against what was looking to become a massacre. A massacre in vivid memory for many who recall Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge, Idaho. A massacre prevented by their arrival as the true force of law, the County Sheriff finally demanded the BLM stand-down.

The BLM wished a self-serving prophecy that all the gunplay hype would lead to a gunfire event. They hoped their overwhelming buildup of firepower, hidden snipers and hours of video surveillance would pay off. But the Bundy’s weren’t terrorists, they did not sport guns and came only with well-worn pocket Constitutions.

This would not be the end of the standoff, rather the beginning. For near two years would pass while the ringing in BLM’s ears grew insisting that these men were dangerous and getting away with impending federal court orders. The cattle round-up stopped and the cowboy round-up began. Soon 19 men would be gathered from communities across the West under gun-point and with orders to shoot should they resist.

More news to follow…………………….

In Liberty,

Darr Moon

Supporters outside Federal Courthouse, Las Vegas (photo: Greg Whalen)


Please take the time to read Ryan Bundy’s opening statement delivered at trial in his words. You may come to believe as I that this cowboy’s truth and conviction is more powerful than the entire might of the federal government. Hats off my dear friend.


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  1. Myhre and Co would do well to heed Mark Twain’s advice : “The good thing about telling the truth is you don’t have to remember anything”. If they are going to lie, they should at least be good at it, but they are not. they have set themselves up like bowling pins. Yes, this PTR for our guys – fraught as it is with ludicrus conditions – can still be taken as a retreat by Navarro. She may see disaster looming ahead and is using PTR as a conciliatory gesture. She and her gang are circling the wagons, But what about that grand old man ? Will he stick it out in jail even after everybody is released ? Awwwww…come on Cliven…

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