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Threatened With Eviction For NOT Wearing a Mask

The tenent has a certified medical condition which prevents him from wearing a mask.

Family Threatened With Eviction

Threatened With Eviction For NOT Wearing a Mask

By Tim Ravndal

In Missoula, Montana, where socialism has a stronghold, there seems to be no limits on the government’s usurpation power to control the citizens.  With Covid-19 causing turmoil across America, a man and his wife, attempting to live in peace, have been challenged by the housing authority where they live.

Sam and Amy Leal live in what is known as the Mullan Reserve Apartment complex, which is managed by Roundhouse Management LLC.   On July 30th, the Leals found their lives turned upside down.

A privacy fence that Sam placed across his patio entrance was ordered removed by the apartment manager as it allegedly did not comply with the rules of the housing safety protocol.  The privacy fence purportedly would cause a potential hazard for ingress and egress to the home.

The Leals went to the management office to advise them that they understood and had removed the privacy fence. Upon entry into the office, they were told they must wear a mask or leave.  Sam advised the manager that he has a medical condition that prohibits wearing a mask.  Despite having a letter from his physician affirming this condition, Sam was told by the management company that he must wear a mask or leave.  Sam left the office believing his rights as a citizen were being challenged and did not know what to do.

It’s important to know that Sam has a medical condition, which has been certified by his doctor, that a mask is not conducive to his health (Sam’s.)  Sam and Amy went back to the office to present the manager with the letter from his doctor but was denied entry in the office and the manager refused to take possession of the document.

Over the next several days, Sam made a good faith effort to communicate with the manager via email but he did not receive a response. Unable to discuss the fact that the lease agreement was actually in good standing left the Leals wondering what to do.

On July 30, 2020, Attorney Thomas C. Orr sent a certified letter to Sam and Amy regarding the wearing of masks in common areas within the housing complex.  The letter claimed that Sam was violating the directives from both the State of Montana and the Missoula City County Health Department.

Mr. Orr, in his threatening letter, claims that in order to avoid the termination of the Leal’s rental agreement, Sam “Must cease and desist from further violation of the mask restriction in public spaces on Mullan Reserve Property.”  

The letter, in essence, threatens the Leals with a 14-day notice to terminate their lease due to this violation.  Sam noted that there are no provisions in the lease that pertain to the covid-19 directives.  The letter shows a direct intent by the manager to terminate the lease on August 17, 2020.


Redoubt News-Montana stopped by the apartment complex to hear first hand Sam Leal’s accounting of the incident which led to the threat of eviction.

Hear the story for yourself, and you decide:




It was at this same time that Sam had been seeking employment with the City of Missoula public transportation department.  Ironically the encounter regarding wearing a mask at his home spilled over into the employment division of the city of Missoula.

Sam’s application for employment went through the channels and advanced to the final stage based on his qualifications.  The final step was to come in for a final health testing procedure but at the last minute his scheduled appointment was cancelled.

The reason for the cancellation was noted that the transportation department requirement for all employees to wear a mask is in place.  This claim without consideration of Sam’s medical condition was brought forward without due process and denied Sam a chance to be employed.

Sam and Amy have retained an attorney to represent them in the case.  They hope to have relief so they can live in freedom.

Don Bradway contributed to this article.


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  1. Then you have this. My question, “So what the hell are the Constitutional Republican legislators doing about it???!!!!!!!:

    Aug 13, 2020
    A Lewis and Clark County District Court judge has signed a
    temporary restraining order against the Helena branch of Pizza
    Ranch after the store allegedly did not close its buffet in
    response to the COVID-19 public health order.

  2. I would take this to the Supreme Court. I would make sure that the manager of this complex never, ever again held a public position or any position working with people. This is tyranny at its worst. The little Hitlers are all out destroying lives with this mask bullshit and the rest of the idiocy! Time to put a foot on THEIR necks!

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