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America Divided: News and Fake News

This distrust is even more prevalent now with the world of Twitter and an expressive President.

America Divided: News and Fake News

America Divided, Part 2

News and Fake News

by Christian Schwab

In my last article I discussed how much time and energy DC Legislators spend fundraising and their misunderstanding of taxation,  The new DC dictionary, and their job under the Constitution which can be found here.

Today I would like to discuss why so many news outlets are seen as fake news. Such big names as CNN, The New York Times, or The Washington Post all have been affected with alternative news sites stepping in to take their place, perceived as having just as much believability as the major outlets.

All those outlets depend on information from within governmental departments. If that information gets corrupted, these changes create distrust. This distrust is even more prevalent now with the world of Twitter and an expressive President.

Within the 2001 NDAA Congress repealed the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948. The law was created during World War II as propaganda spread across Europe by German sympathizers. During the repeal the Military argued that it tied their hands in Iraq and Afghanistan limiting their ability to form a clear message.

Since the repeal, many issues have come to light on both sides, such as ‘if you like your plan you can keep it’ or ‘Iraq has WMD’!

Our legislators in Congress, since the political polarization started, have been calling for a CBO (Congressional Budget Office) report indicating how a bill will effect our exploding national budget.

Being in the minority party this has become a mechanism to implement the D.C. dictionary as I described here.

Let’s look at the present Republicans tax overhaul again a perfect example of propagating has become ‘the low wage individuals will see a tax increase’.

The actual report says they could see a benefit of around  $90 or an increase by 2027. This indicates “WE DON’T KNOW”. It has allowed media, which usually have an agenda, to make a profit for their shareholders by grabbing every word and infusing their opinions to fit their political narrative.

Also we must take into account the new economics taught within our Universities. Since the creation of the FED (federal reserve system), America has based the economy on a Capitalist System which mixes Free Market economics with planned Government Control.

One example is Marxist Professor Richard Wolff who was once seen as someone thinking outside the box to a prominent part of today’s classroom.

Arguing the great society didn’t cause America to go deeper into a greater depression but pulled Americans up by their boot strings and gave families hope. They point to the fact he raised Corporate taxes to 94% (though he ask for 100%) and the fact FDR was elected more times then any other sitting president.

What he fails to tell his students is that after the first year’s 94% tax increase there were only 900 rich corporations left, as most fled the Country leading to the other party favoring corporations over the individual.

Where’s the balance? Can news outlets be nonpartisan when one side is looking towards a Marxist policy? One argues through video documentation helps the low wage workers, while the other argues Capitalism is what has brought more people around the world out of poverty then any other form of government.

We are bringing you this series in hopes all factions will look at what’s wrong in Washington DC and how it effects our decisions in guiding our Republic.


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1 Comment on America Divided: News and Fake News

  1. True news would rail against the true horror of the fact an “exploding budget” is then superseded by hundreds of billions of dollars in deficit spending and the arbitrary raising of the Federal Debt Limit to account for the shortfall.

    People commonly think that Patriots are against taxation…but that is false…Patriots are first and foremost FOR HONEST TAXATION…then the question of whether we are taxed to a lesser or greater amount comes into question.

    What a joke to talk of restructuring the tax code when Deficit Spending and raising the Federal Debt Limit can continue on; not to mention the treasonous gentleman’s agree made by Trump and Schumer to let the Executive Department raise the debt limit instead of having Congressional approval.

    Read this short essay by James Otis circa 1762 to be jolted by the iniquity of that gentleman’s agreement:
    “A vindication of the conduct of the House of Representatives of the province of the Massachusetts-Bay”

    John Adam’s said this one work by James Otis was the impetus that led to the American Revolution…all indignities from then built on this transgression…and it is a direct correlation between Trump’s and Schumer’s acquiescence of Representative rule.

    Let us be honestly taxed to account for deficit spending and the raising of the increase in the Federal Debt Limit, then, we will see reality. Until then, Happy Idyll.

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