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MORE Proof of GOVT Entrapment of the Bundy’s

Why would the federal prosecutors be at a BLM operation at all?

democratic Proof of GOVT Entrapment of the Bundy's

MORE Proof of GOVT Entrapment of the Bundy’s

The Bombshells Keep on Coming as Bunkerville Trial Gets Underway

by Shari Dovale

Federal Prosecutors are being exposed for their underhanded tactics and entrapment setup of the Bunkerville defendants.

During a recent evidentiary hearing, Daniel Love (the Special Agent in Charge of the 2014 Bundy cattle roundup operation) called out Daniel Bogden, then-US Attorney for Nevada, as being the decision maker for the release of the cattle. Love has no problem naming names these days as he is visibly angry over being fired this past summer due to his misconduct identified by the U.S. Department of Interior’s Inspector General.

The jury in the Bundy case was selected more than a week ago, but the courtroom has been occupied with evidentiary and detention issues.  On Monday, November 13, the audience spent most of the day in the hallway as Judge Navarro held “sealed” hearings with the defendants, their lawyers, and the prosecutors.

Such secret motions and proceedings have taken up an increasing proportion of the Bundy case in the past weeks.  There are more questions than answers regarding these secret motions and hearings, including: are they even legal?

Every day brings new startling revelations.  It has recently come to light that there are photos in the discovery which show the prosecutors in the case near the scene of the 2014 standoff, prior to the first escalation of events.

The photos were apparently taken on April 3, 2014. This was 3 days before Dave Bundy’s arrest and well before any protesters arrived.  The photos show Assistant U.S. Attorney Nadia Ahmed (now one of the prosecutors of the Bundys) as well as U.S. Magistrate Judge Ferenbach at the impound site.  Also present, apparently, are other members of the U.S. Attorneys office, including possibly even then-US Attorney Daniel Bogden.

The fact that this photo is part of the sealed discovery goes to show the importance the government places on their back-door dealings which led up to the prosecutions. Why must everything be hidden from the citizens?

This photo was buried in a massive amount of discovery. It has been estimated that the size of the discovery in this case exceeds 4 terabytes, and includes 2 full novels and multiple unrelated medical records.

Although the pictures seem to have been in the discovery for months, their importance was lost on the defendants who were not able to identify their prosecutors until recently.

The prosecution is required by law to turn over the documents, but it is a common tactic to hide them among tens of thousands of unrelated papers. This makes it overwhelming to a defense that has little-to-no budget to hire someone dedicated to itemizing the evidence.

This is why there are bombshells being dropped at the last minute just before trial, such as the multiple cameras that were overlooking the Bundy home prior to the standoff.

Why would the federal prosecutors be at a BLM operation at all? We have already heard that Bogden was calling the shots. How far in advance did the prosecutors start setting everything into motion?

It would seem that it was all designed to entrap Cliven Bundy and his supporters. The government was desperate to gain the ranch and the property, and to shut Bundy up about the injustices being committed.


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3 Comments on MORE Proof of GOVT Entrapment of the Bundy’s

  1. The initial Indictment is invalid as it was obtained under false pretense. Stand down orders were given to Dan Love of the BLM the day before the big ‘Stand up’ or as the feds call the standoff. Everything that took place on the 14th of April on the part of the federal agents at the scene was done without legal authority and thereby as common everyday citizens and not in any official capacity as they lacked any authority to even be present much less armed.

  2. I am sorry…..but the kind of “Domestic Terrorists” that took these American Patriots into US Federal custody will NEVER give a fair trial (if they even get a trial) to these American Patriots. I am truly saddened to say that these American Patriots will NEVER EVER be free again, why, they opposed the US Federal Domestic Terrorists Corporation(AKA: US Federal Government)! Our Constitution was set up to allow for We The People to be our own Militia to unite and fight against Tyranny Foreign or Domestic. We have both types right now. We all have an obligation to defend our families, our friends and our neighbors. The Title of Liberty states we will fight in “Memory of Our God, Our Religion, Our Freedom , Our Peace our Wives and our Children.”
    When do you think it’s time to stand up and fight? After we have totally lost all of our Freedoms? When we and our children are slaves? (Which we are now) Or do we stand by and just watch peacefully because that is NOT coming for US yet! Who will be there to defend you when you are in trouble if you are not willing to help your neighbor?
    The US Federal Domestic Terrorists Corporation(AKA: US Federal Government) and the American Citizens have forgotten one very important fact about the US Federal Domestic Terrorists Corporation……….The US Federal Domestic Terrorists Corporation is supposed to WORK FOR the American Citizens………not WORK AGAINST the American Citizens!!!!!!

  3. Reviewing this first day’s proceedings in the Bundy trial. it is doubtful if any more bombshells are needed. The Govt presentation this morning provided a regular arsenal to the defense, and Bret Whipple, Cliven Bundy’s lawyer, wasted no time in launching an answering fullsade. We’ve heard the legal jargon “Opening the door”, meaning an inadverdant snippet of testimony that the speaker regrets, but the Govt’s opening remarks served up a regular smorgasbord of such open doors. Still shots of various episodes leading up to the April 12 showdown were shown – and misrepresented – by prosecutor Scheiss. Once entered by the Govt, it was child’s play for the defense to run the entire source video, and demonstrate the Govt mendacity to the jury. A glaring example was the famous scene of Aunt Margaret being thrown to the ground and Ammon being tasered. Scheiss version of this dramatic incident was a single still from the video, cherrypicked to show not Margaret or Ammon but a vanilla setting of people standing in the road. Schiess explained that Margaret WAS grabbed and thrown, but only to save her from an oncoming truck. For most of you who have seen this video…well, long story short, Whipple had the entire video run, and Margaret is plainly in no danger. She is off to the side of the truck, and the BLM goon who attacked her from behind was definitely not concerned for her safety. What to make of such foolery from high paid Govt lawyers ? Today was only the opening salvo folks. Ryan and the other two defense lawyers will amuse themselves tomorrow, demolishing the Govt case in detail.

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