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Ryan Bundy’s Brilliant Comments In Court

Ryan did not fear the consequences of speaking boldly, but respectfully, of how awestruck he was by the bald faced injustice of the system.

Ryan Bundy’s Brilliant Comments In Court

Ryan Bundy’s Brilliant Comments In Court

by Loren Edward Pearce

On November 13 and 14, 2017, I attended the Las Vegas court and witnessed the miraculous release of Ryan Bundy.

On Tuesday morning, November 14, Federal prosecutor Myhre, asked for a continuance based on the government request that they have more time to review some discovery involving emails. Judge Navarro asked the defense for their response to the government’s request. She polled each defense attorney and when she came to Ryan Bundy, representing himself, Ryan said to the effect,

Your honor, I think it is ludicrous that defendants who have plead guilty through a plea deal are rewarded with freedom from pretrial detention, but if defendants maintain their innocence, they are punished with prison prior to any conviction. It is upside down. We are not presumed innocent, if we have to spend time in prison without any conviction. I oppose any continuance and I agree with the other attorneys that the remedy is a mistrial.”

No other attorney dared to bring up the “upside down” nature of the court’s position that, if a defendant could no longer stand the horrors of pretrial prison, they were rewarded with pretrial release by accepting a plea deal, while those who knew they were innocent and rejected the plea deal, had to suffer the agony of prison during the time it took to have a trial and complete the proceedings.

Ryan, now a “halfway house” man, with partial freedom, was speaking from a new vantage point. He no longer was barred from going out into the lobby or mingling with the court observers.

Many defendants would be cowed into thinking that they owed everything to the good graces of the judge, who had the power to free him or imprison him, at her whim. Ryan, however, did not fear the consequences of speaking boldly, but respectfully, of how awestruck he was by the bald faced injustice of the system.

It was a joy to see Ryan Bundy walking freely in and out of the courtroom. He asked me where the restroom was and I felt a surge of joy being able to tell him where the modern, clean, nicely appointed men’s room was. What a contrast to what he experienced in solitary with the squalid conditions of a toilet that didn’t work, and no toilet paper. What a contrast to the tiny window in his solitary cell door, where he received his meager rations and made calls on a telephone with a cord that was too short.

What a joy to see his wife Angie with their little daughter on the first floor, waiting to go to lunch with Ryan.

Ryan’s comments were brilliant because their simple “horse sense” logic put to shame the convoluted and tortured logic of a justice system and a federal judge who arrogantly claim that pre-trial prison is the rule, and that if you are given what is rightfully yours, a presumption of innocence and pre-conviction release, that you should be grateful to that system for an exception to the rule.

I like to compare it to a thief stealing your wallet, taking the cash and returning your credit cards and driver license, for which you should be grateful. That works in an upside down world, but in a world of common sense, the thief should have never taken your wallet to start with and the court should have never denied you bail nor denied pre-trial freedom to start with.

Yes Ryan, the reasoning of the court is upside down, where the common sense of the framers of our constitution has become the nonsense of Alice in Wonderland.

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?” Alice in Wonderland

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10 Comments on Ryan Bundy’s Brilliant Comments In Court

  1. I admire the Bundy men and all those who stood with them. They are walking in the Light. The whole government fiasco has been an example for all to see, “don’t mess with the government ” and with the help of Tabloid Media and the wannabe “Lawmen” like D. Love and his crowd, they have made every effort to poison public perception, and justify their actions while hiding behind their “authority” they abused. It has been turned into a Political football instead of allowing a Jury of peers weighing the facts and evidence to make that decision. What a sham, and keeping these men incarcerated all this time compounds the the government’s viciousness and perception they want to show the public. Dangerous “felons?”, just like LaVoy….a gentle, kind, loving family man who stood alone in an open field, snow up to his hips, arms up while the goons used him as target practice. I’m sickened by this group of people spiraling out of control, working on taxpayer dollars playing weekend Warriors and ruining lives. The Bundy family is not the first family to be in their sights, and won’t be the last as long as this is allowed to continue without oversight. God Bless them all, my thoughts and prayers are with these guys and their families.

  2. No way would Sessions let this continue if he had followed the case while in the Senate. (He knows what “dingy harry reid” is-an unethical GREEDY lawless slanderer.

    The US attorney has lied to his superior by omission or his superior has shielded Sessions from the case.

    Fortunately Trump has been advised by Stone, & POTUS will consult with Sessions asto this kangaroo court budgetary waste of resources, & MALICIOUS PROSECUTION. HE IS LIKELY HOLDING BACK until a smoking gun (BRADY RULE VIOLATION) is publicized during the trial. HE NEEDS JUSTIFICATION.

    Navarro will have KAFKAESQUE consequences.


  3. What we have seen from this case is so unconstitutional as to be unblievable! It has totally taken away any belife in our system I might have had. There has been no fed oversight to rectify the situation even after Sessions was put in the AG office!!!!!

  4. He has my respect, for having enough fortitude to stand up to tyranny. It was also said in the declaration of Independence

  5. Yes, Ryan Bundy is a force to be reckoned with. He didn’t make Army Ranger by default…HE WORKED FOR IT! He knows hardship and it spurs him to be even stronger. God bless him and his entire, loving family!

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