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“Bad Faith!” Govt Caught Withholding Evidence – AGAIN!

“Three-and-a-half years and two trials and this is the first we learned there is a live stream!”

dismissal “Bad Faith!” Govt Caught Withholding Evidence – AGAIN!
Rancher Cliven Bundy, 2014. (Photo by Shannon Bushman, used with permission)

“Bad Faith!” Govt Caught Withholding Evidence – AGAIN!

By Shari Dovale

During a final day of testimony in an evidentiary hearing for the Bunkerville Standoff, it was confirmed that there was live video for at least four days of the Bundy Ranch house being played in Dan Love’s office.

The hearing was granted to investigate the allegations of the BLM and/or FBI destroying vital exculpatory evidence prior to their leaving the scene at the Bunkerville Standoff on April 12, 2014.

Multiple witnesses testified that they saw a large screen TV set up in the command center that showed a continuous live stream of the Bundy Ranch. This video has been asked about for many months, yet the government prosecutors have always said that it did not exist.

It was also stated that no search warrant had been seen for this video. This would only add more violations of these defendants rights by including the Fourth Amendment.

Once it was confirmed through testimony, AUSA Nadia Ahmed attempted to downplay the video, and even asked why it mattered. She stated that the camera was located on public land, recording a road nearby, and just “happened” to be pointed towards the Bundy Ranch.

Attorney for Cliven Bundy, Bret Whipple, gave an impassioned argument to dismiss the case based on this new evidence. “Three-and-a-half years and two trials and this is the first we learned there is a live stream,” Whipple said.

“In what plausible situation could there be a live feed and we only find out about it now?” Whipple asked. “It is Bad Faith!”

Whipple had been careful to specifically ask the witnesses about what they saw, or did not see, on the live feed. “On that live feed, did you observe any activity that would support the allegations of Conspiracy to Commit an Offense Against the United States?” Whipple then continued with the other allegations. Each response was a resounding “No.”

As expected, Judge Gloria Navarro discounted the new evidence and ruled against the motion to dismiss. She did say that attorneys could file a new motion based on the new evidence, but stated that the hearing was only supposed to cover the shredded documents, not video of the ranch house.

There are further questions on the belief that there is a second camera that was used by the BLM during the standoff. The government, as before, denies it’s existence.


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6 Comments on “Bad Faith!” Govt Caught Withholding Evidence – AGAIN!

  1. Withholding evidence, exculpatory or inculpatory, is a serious offence. I have seen this before regading the Feds, and clark county prosecutors. When I have brought these incidents and information to the attention of the LVMPD managment, it was completely ignored and threats were brought against me to keep my mouth shut, and eventually I was targeted for termination from employment I filed a lawsuit against the LVMPD, and Sheriff Doug Gillespie, and fourteen other high ranking police officials. Three years later, Federal Judge George Foley Jr, dismissed my enitre lawsuit. It just shows you how high the level of corruption can climb. I hope the lawyer for the Bundy’s does not waiver because of political pressure.


    Former Detective Gordon Martines LVMPD, Robbery/Homicde Bureau, 39 year veteran.

  2. And where is Sessions, even though I agree with him on his MS 13 stand, Myhre and his ilk and judge Navvaro are a far larger danger to our country than any other corrupt gang. Just in my opinion

  3. Bad faith is the least of it, I would say we are dealing with a completely corrupted judicial system down to the core level. This is not even close to a legitimate trial, it is a travesty of extreme injustice is what it is. This so called trial is nothing less than iron clad proof that the entire judicial system and the government backing it have gone rogue and are no longer operating as a constitutional republic but rather as a fascist regime which has hijacked our country. I can see no other way to look at it. They are acting in flagrant defiance of our Constitution and therefore they are not representing America or Americans anymore. In my book that spells out the situation very clearly. This isn’t a trial, it is a railroad to the destruction of everything our country is supposed to stand for.

    • You’ve called it Adam. Fraud, misconstruction and abuse is SOP for these people, and we’ve seen that every accusation they have leveled against the Bundys – conspiracy, threats and intimidation, extortion, are exactly what they are doing themselves.There is no honor among them. All well and good to yack on facebook, But I wish that good Americans would get their priorities straight. A great divide looms. a tipping point, weighted with the cause of liberty on one side and the destruction of everything our country stands for on the other. It is the trial of the century folks, starting tomorrow morning in Las Vegas. How many of you wish you could have been there for Patrick Henry’s speech in the Va House of Burgesses? How many of you would have taken the field with Captain Parker on Lexington Green ? Personal considerations fall away. How will you look back on this critical test ? as a distant spectator ?

  4. Cobbled together out of specious allegations and instigated by a now disgraced BLM agent, this Bundy et al case is disintegrating before it even starts. If you believe, as ASU Ahmed claimed, that BLM habitually surrveils dirt roads out in the middle of nowhere, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona I’d like to sell you. Did you hear that, prosecutor Myhre ? We know you and your gang read Shari’s articles. We saw shades of the pugnacious “Magnificent Mumford” in Whipple today, BRAVO ! His accusation of bad faith was, at last, calling a spade a spade. This trial will be a barn burner folks, don’t miss it !

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