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Schuyler Barbeau Changes Plea To Guilty

Sentencing is scheduled for September 1, 2017.

Schuyler Barbeau Changes Plea To Guilty
Outside the Federal Courthouse in Seattle (photo: Redoubt News)

Schuyler Barbeau Changes Plea To Guilty

by Shari Dovale and Jenn Cannon

The trial for Schuyler Barbeau ended abruptly today when the defendant changed his pleas to guilty.

A small group of supporters were in the courtroom watching Barbeau as he became emotional when his best friend – turned Confidential Informant, Oliver Murphy, testified on the witness stand. With Murphy’s assistance, Barbeau was arrested on November 22, 2015 and has been incarcerated since.

It was stated in open court that Murphy received $13,500 for his participation in the sting that resulted in the arrest of Barbeau on Federal firearms charges.

The prosecutions case was nearing the end at the morning break for court. It was an unusually long break, then when court reconvened without the jury, it was unexpectedly announced that Barbeau intended to change his plea on both charges to Guilty.

Judge Robert Jones instructed the Stand By attorney for Barbeau, Robert Gombiner, to fully instruct the defendant in what it would mean to change his plea. When court resumed for the afternoon session, the change of plea was entered into the record.

Barbeau became emotional when he addressed the court, saying, “I realize that I have done things the statutes prohibit.”

Barbeau plead guilty to two counts, including possession of an unregistered firearm and possession of a machine gun. Each count can carry up to a maximum of 10 years in Prison plus hefty fines.

Additionally, there is a forfeiture clause that Barbeau agreed to, with the exception of a “scope” that he would like the court to return to him. Future hearings on these items will be scheduled at a later date.

It is now up to the court, after reading recommendations to be submitted by the government, the defense, and the probation department to determine what punishment Barbeau will receive.

Judge Jones made a statement concerning the sentencing guidelines, saying they are only advisory for him and are not mandatory. He stated that these guidelines used to be mandatory, but now he need only refer to them but he is not bound by them.

Several issues will be considered before sentencing on September 1, 2017.

3 Comments on Schuyler Barbeau Changes Plea To Guilty

  1. They will throw the book at him because they are evil, and can! They salivate at any chance to pull the trigger figuratively, or literally! This guy had a short barrel rifle, which is defined as a rifle with a barrel less than 16 inches that has a forgrip or shoulder stock. Take the forgrip, and change the shoulder stock to a pistol buffer, and the rifle is now an AR pistol, and is perfectly legal! That is how silly this is!

    • I realize there is more to the story, and it is hard to say what is and isn’t true. I read recently for the first time that he converted the rifle to full auto. I find that unlikely, and is likely false news by a illiterate liberal (seattlepi). I also read that he has made threats in the open towards government. I assume they were predicated with ifs, but either way the feds confirm to him, his thinking. The reality is we are seeing a government that has been overrun by liberals, and they are waging war against conservatives (Christians) on behalf of obama, reid, and clinton. Trump got 4% of the vote in washington d.c., and you can easily say the same for the rest of the feds, the liberal press, the lgbtqs,, hollywood, etc. These people are all conservative constitutionalists. It’s that simple!

      Future elections will be overrun with liberal backlash. They will come out of the woodwork. Conservatives grew up with a turn the other cheek mentality, and will be run over. What comes after Trump is far more scary then anything we have seen. The one thing I do know, is there will never be war, small squirmishes mostly on the crazy left, but not more. America has no stomach for it. Except when it is far away, then they don’t give a dump. Iwe are seeing the initial phase of Mathew 24:9

  2. I’ve seen this before, when a friend was accused of something she did not do. She would have won, eventually, but the authorities routinely engage in what amounts to procedural harassment. Government has a bottomless wallet, and can make these cases drag on for as long as is necessary to exhaust the resources of the accused (victim). Faced with a dwindling bank account, the loss of her job resulting from being forced to take so much time off work, the threatened loss of her son, the very real eventuality of being homeless, my friend accepted a plea deal and the loss of her rights. This is how it works now. The ‘system’ is only accessible to those who can buy it. Americans have won a few important legal battles recently, but only because of the participation of wealthy interests, and this has not altered the country’s overall gradual drift to the Left. Anyone who still believes we live in a representative republic, and not an E.U. style social democracy in the process of sliding into fascist autocracy, is delusional.

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