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America’s Political Elites Are Traitors to the Republic

America is now at its third great "Crossroads Moment" in its history.


America’s Political Elites Are Traitors to the Republic

by John D. Guandolo

America is now at its third great “Crossroads Moment” in its history.

The first was the decision to break away from the British Crown and establish a free and independent United States of America. The second was engaging in the great Civil War to defend the Republic and complete the liberation of all Americans.

Today, America’s Constitutional Republic stands on the edge of destruction in a war where propaganda is so thick many Americans have no idea a war is even taking place at all.

The Republic is under attack from numerous enemies of liberty, especially the coordinated assaults by the Communist and Islamic Counter-States.

Democrat leaders continue to act as the primary ambassadors for these hostile totalitarian movements, promoting communist and jihadi leaders and their ideologies, while attacking America’s founding principles.

Details of these efforts can be found here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

The wholesale theft of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election by enemies of liberty is the culmination of decades of work by the Communist and Islamic Movements, buoyed and advanced actively by the democrat party, and the inaction of Establishment Republicans.

Let’s review a little history.

In the 1980 Presidential election, as we now know from unearthed Soviet archives, President Jimmy Carter dispatched his friend and well known industrialist Armand Hammer, to meet with Soviet ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin to help Carter in the election to defeat Ronald Reagan. The Soviets rejected Carter’s request, but in 1984 Jimmy Carter personally went to Dobrynin to ask him for help unseating Reagan because he saw Reagan as a grave threat to the world.

During Carter’s democrat administration, and in the years since, democrats have worked diligently to gut America’s national security, the U.S. military, U.S. borders, the intelligence apparatus, and internal security agencies.

Democrats assault America’s founding principles of the Law of Nature and Nature’s God, promote abortion and sexually deviant behavior, and attack Christians and the very principles which established America.

Democrats promote socialist/communist economic policies and massive increases in government bureaucracy and oppressive government regulations while advancing the destruction of individual liberty.

Democrats ensnare citizens in urban areas with government money and programs designed to lull them into a state of dependency and financial slavery. Many democrat controlled cities across America are lawless, in decay, and financially bankrupt.

Democrats turned America’s universities – founded as Christian schools like Yale, Harvard, William and Mary, and others – into communist production lines promoting anti-American philosophies while destroying critical thinking, and philosophy rooted in natural law and logic.

Democrats push for open borders, decriminalizing unlawful entry into the United States, and softening punishments for convicted criminal.

Democrats are openly working to do away with the electoral college and the rule of law – foundations of America’s Constitutional Republic. They are assaulting our unalienable rights to freely express and defend ourselves.

Democrats are the front-line advocates for the hostile Communist and Islamic Counter-State efforts to destroy the American Constitutional Republic.

It is no surprise the nearly six dozen most easily identifiable Marxists/communists in Congress are all democrats. Nor is it surprising that of the 102 Members of Congress who openly support the designated Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) Hamas doing business as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), all but 3 are democrats.

So it should not be surprising that the Revolutionary Communist Party endorsed Democrat nominee for President Joe Biden who openly supports the terrorist group Hamas doing business as Emgage.

This is the political party defending the communist Chinese regime and the most dangerous state sponsor of terrorism – Iran.

The democrat support for hostile ideologies was evident in that all of the democrat candidates in the 2020 Presidential primary supported socialist, Marxist, and communist ideological positions during their campaigns. Read the democrat party platform. It reads like it was written by Karl Marx because it was written by his disciples.

These enemies of liberty used the intelligence system and leaders of the U.S. intelligence community – who happen to be communists – to illegally spy on President Trump, his family and his staff. Then these tyrants impeached the President with no evidence of actual crimes.

On November 3rd, the democrats did what they told us what they would do – win at all costs. The amount of evidence of fraud in the 2020 Presidential election is staggering. This is yet another coup attempt in the ongoing revolution against our Republic.

We are witnessing the culmination and natural outcome of 100 years of communist and 60 years of Islamic efforts inside the United States to bring down our Republican form of government.

Meanwhile, the National GOP and many republican leaders allow the enemies of liberty to have their way with America. Like those people who did nothing, or worse helped the Nazis during World War II, today’s republicans are doing the same – nothing – as democrats destroy liberty and the rule of law on their way to destroying the Republic.

In some cases, republicans are actively working against President Trump to advance the totalitarian efforts to steal the 2020 Presidential election.

American Patriots cannot allow our enemies to gain one more inch of ground. The Communist and Islamic Counter-States in America must be utterly destroyed along with all of those – democrats or republicans – who are directly giving them aid, as well as those who are criminally negligent by allowing them to advance unimpeded.

Now is the time for all Patriots to stand firm and say, “There is a point beyond which America’s enemies must not advance.”

The enemies of liberty cannot be allowed to gain executive power in the United States. That will be the end of our Republic.

Some believe the legal process will prove fraud and Mr. Trump will retain the Presidency. We pray that is true, but the system is grossly corrupted.

If the system fails, We the People must stand and fight.




About JG

John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).



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16 Comments on America’s Political Elites Are Traitors to the Republic

  1. The key here is that the demonic Communist/Marxist/Islamic/Satanic political program has been inserted into America gradually. The plot began more than a hundred years ago.

    Obamacare is the latest step in this literally demonic conspiracy. But it was preceded by Medicare and Medicaid, and the Voting Rights Act, which violates States’ Rights.

    And those measures were preceded by Social Security and the Minimum Wage laws.

    Which were preceded by Workmen’s Compensation, and laws prohibiting child labor, and limiting the length of the working day.

    All of these are devilish Marxist attempts to interefere with the free choices of individuals. It’s right there in the appendix to the Communist Manifesto.

    The Manifesto demands, among other things:

    “15. The introduction of steeply graduated taxes, and the abolition of taxes on articles of consumption.
    16. Inauguration of national workshops. The state guarantees a livelihood to all workers and provides for those who are incapacitated for work.
    17. Universal and free education of the people.”

    Every single one of these communist demands comes straight from the depths of Hell, especially the last one. Anyone who advocates even one of these in any way is either a conscious traitor, or a dupe of traitors.

    Hopefully, these will all soon be swept away and we can become free men again.

  2. JG your opinion piece is the TRUTH and what we are witness to was foretold to me in the year of our Lord 1976 as a teenager by the second greatest generation who educated me with the survival tales of WW2 and to a man that was who they said they were and what was how these brave Americans came home and to a man they told me my Generation would have to Fight them in our
    Land of the free
    If my generation had the Courage, knowledge, The Sprit of 76 ,and last by the most important the understanding this is EVIL and it simple will not go away for it is super natural in its power
    The year 1976 i was 16 years old our country’s was celebrating 200 years of a idea of a REPUBLIC,
    But we were a democracy that both Poolitical bands birthed IN the year 1913 Dec 22 in the dead of night an the monster THE FEDERAL RESERVE was birthed to bring the EVIL we now see and feel for its stole our wealth an in our faces now openly has FUNDED the enemy’s we will FIGHT
    JG so few Americans understate we are are at WAR
    all my life I have retold my tales of what is to come an put so many friends off at the statement EVIL is real and now you write of this evil as one of few in our Home Of The Brave who are the WatchMan on the Tower
    My fellow American this EVIL WAR that IS can not be won by We The People this time it can be fought by US tho an why is our Spirt of 76 is FACT
    I Met American GI’S who were in a little battle in WW2 at a cross road where EVIL was able to marshal it’s final power to show the allies it would not quit the field
    The order was giving HOLD UNTIL RELIEVED, they dug an in became surrounded ,
    The Nazi’s asked them to surrender and if these Men did they knew to a MAN They would be Killed
    They replied This simple one word
    we now must hold until relieved by GOD
    We are surrounded now my fellow Americans surrender is not a option
    My fellow Americans we are few now who can lace up our Boots ,shoulder our own Rifle an side arm dig in and use Controlled Violence in the Proper way to HALT Evils Advance in our own
    Land of The FREE because so many of us are very BRAVE
    Pray for the Protection of Divine Providence as our founders did in our First American prayer our American mission statement
    The Declaration of Independence
    Uncivil War is here where ever you live in the USA it is in your State ,your City it is our Poolitical bands both use the language of Poolitical Correct speech both demand democracy MOB RULE
    BOTH WILL BEND THE KNEE to those who wear the most evil Uniform it’s color is THE BLACK
    And soon both will show their true Allegiance is to a flag that is anything but Red White an blue
    My fellow Americans our first American Potus George Washington had this flag hoisted high
    It maybe the only Flag now that matters to GOD
    AN Appeal To HEAVEN
    The season of evil always attacks our Republic at Christmas for the season of
    To evil is proof Positive of
    GODS Truths to we who believe in JESUS CHRIST
    Peace on Earth Good Will toward Mankind
    This contest cannot be avoided now only Fought now by
    Good Men an Women called Americans
    it is a GOOD FIGHT
    The Infamous They are now in the Light of DAY they started this again
    Let us Water The Tree of Liberty with the Souls of Patriots and Tyrants
    It is its natural Manure

  3. Yeah, yeah, Demonicrats are bad, but the Republicans are just as bad if not worse. Stop making a partisan issue out of it. It is the tyrannical elites in both parties v. America. The party is almost irrelevant.

  4. Even if Trump pulls this off (which I hope he does) it is a long hard road ahead. If he is going to fix this without bloodshed he must completely gut the DOJ, FBI, CIA, etc. They are part of the deep state. Then he must install new AG and prosecute every Democrat that had a hand in the steal for the traitors they are. It must be public to scare away the rats that slip through his fingers and to provide confidence to the rest of us that a righteous purge of the swamp is happening. He must also place restraints on media. I am not talking about limited 1st amendment. I am thinking something that requires any network or program that produces and shares news to be held accountable for lies, to be heavily fined and lose license when they show bias. New must be unbiased.

    If not, we the people will do it for him, but it will not be pretty.

    • Uncivil war is here the contest cannot be avoided, Potus trumps speech last night did not inspire me Texian Patriot
      We are at WAR and the Poolitical bands are the enemy in a state an city we live in
      The Soul-Luton dissolve the Poolitical bandits as per or
      Declaration of Independence

      • I agree. The only true option to fix this mess is for us to destroy the swamp and restart.
        Many original ideas should be kept, some should be added, but we have allowed corruption for far too long.

  5. This guy really sums it up. Just look at Bidens proposed cabinet and officers, a gaggle of traitors wanting to crush America. We all have seen our own families deluded into believing the antiAmerican hogwash. I know personnally that even my college education in the seventies was designed to undermine my ingrained beliefs and values. Intended to destroy the father and family every way they could in the false ploy of liberating women.

  6. It has come down to whether the President intends to do his duty,whatever is necessary to defend & protect the constitution as per his oath of office.

    Far too long now, the American people have confused Trump’s willingness to stand up for America & her people with him actually fighting, which he has never done. He has advocated for us & worked like hell on our behalf, confronted the media & the establishment, tweeted to communicate while they allowed it. He even held rallies & performed whirlwind tours.

    But so far he hasn’t fought, not ever, not once, not the CIA, NSA, DHS, DOD, FBI, DOJ, FISA Courts, big tech, Wall Street. Truth be told, The President hasn’t struck a single blow, not a lick. He adopted a hands-off policy deferring to Barr & Durham, refused to fire Sessions, refused to act as his own Attorney General, refused to appoint special prosecutors.

    Trump has always played by the rules & against all odds & as he thought best. I’m not here to criticize. But now we all see where that has taken us. This fraud is blatant, so outrageous one hardly knows where to begin, which I guess is of no import since no one seems willing, or able to do anything about it.

    The question now is does Trump finally then have the stones as well as the wherewithal to do his duty to protect & defend the constitution? Will he fight? Has he a contingency plan? Does he know, if the military will follow, do their duty? Can he
    isolate the Joint Chiefs, the DOD? Is he prepared to meet violence in the street, innate mass arrests of big tech titans & their employees, Wall Street’s board rooms, the media broadcasters, take control of network and cable broadcasting stations?

    Trump has managed to awaken & unite a vast majority of America’s people,
    his supporters. Will he find the personal commitment, courage & dedication to mobilize & utilize them? Or will America be forever lost?

    What is the President waiting for? The only realistic course of action is an executive assumption of emergency powers, a declaration of martial law under national emergency due to an attempted coup replete with foreign interference.

    The courts can’t & won’t save the President. The best possible court outcome is for the Supreme Court to declare the election invalid due to rampant illegality & send it to Congress where the GOP will almost certainly betray the President & the republic, still again. A blind man can see that much. Realistically, there are only two options:

    1) Cede the republic to Biden/Sanders Democrats/Soros & alt left
    Progressives/Wall Street titans & Silicone Valley’s Big Tech Masters
    of the Universe/China supremacy/dominance. Or:

    2) Take charge. Issue a decree of martial law, a national state of emergency due to an international plot & attempted coup to take over America.

    The nation would prefer Trump in a third world general’s uniform, with a mustache & a riding crop under his arm over Biden& this globalist partnership with China. The President has the support of a large majority of the American people, if only he will act, if only he will mobilize them.

    arrest this class of ruling elites right out of their offices for detention under suspicion of treason. Temporarily suspend, all civil liberties under martial law. Seize control of all media outlets, network & cable broadcasting. Consolidate complete control over all communications & then address the nation.

    I say again: there are only two possible options. It’s either President Trump, or Biden. The people want Trump. Stop the steal of our election, the republic &our choice for President. Why doesn’t Trump act?


    • It’s not sad. They are worse than Dems. They have lied to their constituents to subvert their will. Even more traitorous.

  8. This is someone who gets it. President Trump better be prepared to call up the military to defend the Republic from this hostile coup attempt and brazen assault on the Constitution. There are no more excuses. To hell with the courts. To hell with the media. To hell with the uninformed useful idiots. They are enemies of the people and need to be brought to heel. Mr. President, as commander and chief, you must declare an insurrection and move against the evil now attempting to hijack our nation. If this kicks off a second civil war so be it. My blood for liberty.

  9. These Traitors need to know the 2nd Amendment is Alive and well and preparing to fix things if the Justice system wont.

  10. These Traitors need to know the 2nd Amendment is Alive and well and preparing to fix things if the Justice system wont.

  11. If you could go back to Dec. 6, 1941 and ask the average American, most would have said…”hell No !..Let’s stay out of the war !….Pearl Harbor ? Where is that ?”… Needles to say, public opinion had done a complete 180 only 24 hours later…You can look back in our history and see other galvanizing moments, other turning points…..Lexington Green….The election of Lincoln…..the Zimmerman Telegram…the moment when the die was cast…The parallels between today’s political climate and that of the late 1850s is too striking to be ignored..Different issues, it’s true, but the same seething division and hostility…supercharged now, as it was in 1859, by a disputed Presidential election..We may be facing another galvanizing moment.

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