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Scotchman Peaks is NOT a Done Deal Yet!

There will be a meeting in Clark Fork on January 11, 2017. Come hear them tell you why taking away access to public land is such a good idea.

Scotchman Peaks

Scotchman Peaks is Your Land!

*UPDATE* The meeting has been changed to Clark Fork Junior/Senior High School.  The Radical Environmentalists are quite upset at Redoubt News getting the word out! Let’s fill this room and ask our questions!

This is beautiful public land that is currently enjoyed by many groups. However, the radicals have talked Senator Rische into submitting a bill to deny access to the public.

Senator Jim Rische has introduced Senate Bill (S.3531) to remove the public from Scotchman Peaks in Clark Fork, Bonner County, Idaho.

Introduced in Senate (12/08/2016)

Scotchman Peaks Wilderness Act of 2016

This bill designates approximately 13,961 acres of National Forest System land in Idaho, to be known as the Scotchman Peaks Wilderness, as wilderness and a component of the National Wilderness Preservation System.

If passed, the Scotchman Peaks Wilderness will create almost 14,000 acres of Wilderness surrounding Scotchman Peak and includes most of Goat Mountain, the Regal Creek trail, the Morris Creek drainage and trail, the East Fork Peak Trail, the Savage Creek drainage and old roads and clear-cuts, and the south side and upper drainage and old roads of upper East Fork, above Char Creek.

The area extends within 300 feet of the Lightning Creek Road, from Goat Mountain to East Fork.

This means that More Federal government bureaucrats from Washington DC want to limit access to our Idaho public lands!

More restrictions, rules and regulations for:

  • hunting

  • firewood cutting

  • fishing

  • berry picking

  • hiking

  • and more!

Do you know what you can and cannot do in a Wilderness area?

(no snowmobiles, no snow bikes, no chainsaws, no mountain bikes, no wheeled game carriers, restrictions on group sizes, plus many other rules and regulations)

This will keep the disabled from enjoying their public lands as well!

If this bill passes, no one is going to enjoy Scotchman Peaks!

Washington DC bureaucrats, radical environmentalists and people that don’t even live in this area are trying to control what happens to our public lands.

There will be a meeting in Clark Fork on January 11, 2017 at 6pm. A presentation by the Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness and Sid Smith, the northern Idaho representative of US Senator James Risch, regarding the proposed Scotchman Peaks Wilderness area and to answer questions, hear comments and concerns.

Come hear them tell you why taking away access to public land is such a good idea.

Join us at the Senior Center at the corner of 10th and Cedar in Clark Fork and hear what they have to say. Now is the time to ask your questions!

This is NOT a Done Deal Yet!

If you have an interest in this area and have questions, comments or concerns about this proposed legislation and the restrictions, rules and regulations that will be added to our public lands, you should come to this meeting and make your voice heard!


2 Comments on Scotchman Peaks is NOT a Done Deal Yet!

  1. Senator Rische’s proposal to cordon off this land is ill timed, to say the least. For those of us who have been boots on the ground in this lands controversy, we could wonder where Rische has been these last few years. Any attempt to implement this Scotchman Peak as a wilderness area will simply make it a big fat target for some of the most determined and organized activists in the country.

  2. As a family who lives with in the boundaries of the Columbia River Gorge National Senic Area I have lived with what can personally affect the livability of private parties in such zoning. Plus the affect to be able to bring in much needed jobs to replace what these actions will take away from the rest of the private and public lands around the Wilderness. After such actions are taken many out side groups start to take over with much monies from all over and the Local Communites start loosing any ground they may have for live ability because they can not come up with or have money to compete with these out side groups. It becomes a hard ship to Cities, Counties and to the State. Please look at this action carefully. I have a family member who lives in this area and is very much the out doors men and we come and enjoy the area often and plan to keep coming.

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