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The BLM & Its Solar Agenda

The current president has been hell bent on forcing America into a renewable energy waste bin


The BLM & Its Solar Agenda

By Karen Schumacher

The current president has been hell bent on forcing America into a renewable energy waste bin, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is more than happy to participate.  But the rush is on because the solar energy plan must be accomplished by 2035.

BLM land has been littered with solar panels since 2012.  Because of this current president and his plan to “transition” America to renewable energy, the BLM has been working on updating its 2012 Solar Energy Development plan that involved six states.  Now, along with four other states, Idaho is getting sucked into the mix. 

All of the documents pertaining to this agenda, which BLM has obviously been working on for months, can be found here.  Graciously, the BLM has offered the opportunity to go through thousands of pages of information to understand how Idaho will be impacted along with the other four added states.  Idahoans have been blessed by the BLM with the opportunity to “Provide input on the 5 action alternatives – including elements from all alternatives to be adopted in a Final Plan” by April 18th.  There doesn’t appear to be a “no action” alternative.

Aside from the gobbledygook in all of the documents, the amount of reading required to go through all of the documents far exceeds what is reasonable. It is insulting how the BLM presents this for input.  Cliff notes on the alternatives can be found here, and overall updates here,  The Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement can be found here, all 538 pages.  For those who really have a desire to go to sleep, there is the agonizing redundancy on Areas of Special Concern with only 760 pages, where one can wade through page after page to find something specific to Idaho.  These are the proposed alternative areas to litter with solar panels in  Idaho. 

All of the documents can be found on the National NEPA Register page,   Input can be provided via the green Participate Now buttons, or on this page.  Be patient, it takes a minute to load.

It is bad enough the way in which the BLM abuses its power by tossing this out to Idahoans with no chance of receiving adequate input.  Governor Little is no better, his cronies and corporate sponsors at the Western Governors Association (WGA) have supported this endeavor for years.  Did he let Idahoans know?  It is only going to get worse with the WGA decarbonization agenda.

Since the BLM obviously doesn’t have the skill set to place solar panels, just only providing the land, which corporation will they choose to cozy up to, and financially benefit from, to get the job done?  Perhaps one it is already friends with?

As a signatory to the International Solar Alliance (ISA) “to accelerate global adoption of solar energy”, the United States receives support from the ISA “by helping to expedite solar deployment.”  Sounds like a military exercise.  Yes, the U.S. is eager to be part of “Green Grids Initiative (GGI) One Sun One World One Grid’ operating in the U.S., thanks to its National Grid Partners.  And it will benefit Brandon’s friends as well.

Returning to the BLM, just understand this expansion of solar panels on public land is being driven by the dark side of the government that everyone now lives under, corporatism. and also achieves the goal of reducing the amount of land that Idahoans will have access to for beneficial use.  Idahoans should feel lucky the BLM has chosen to once again use the lawful process to placate the masses.