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Lame Duck Legacy Rejects the Will of the People

Obama said his “actions will help protect this cultural legacy” showing how he is all about himself.


Lame Duck Legacy Rejects the Will of the People

by Shari Dovale

Obama created two new national monuments this week, determined to leave an environmental legacy behind him when he leaves office in a few weeks.

The problem is that this is not what the people want. It is what career politicians, like Harry Reid, want.

Obama said his “actions will help protect this cultural legacy” showing how he is all about himself and his cronies, but the citizens have been completely ignored.… again.

Utah – Bears Ears

1.35 million acres have now been designated as a national monument. The problem is that legislators have been working on a bipartisan solution to keep the area for multi-use.

“This arrogant act by a lame duck president will not stand,” Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee responded in a statement. “I will work tirelessly with Congress and the incoming Trump administration to honor the will of the people of Utah and undo this designation.”

Congressman Jason Chaffetz was also furious:

“The midnight move is a slap in the face to the people of Utah, attempting to silence the voices of those who will bear the heavy burden it imposes,” he wrote, calling Obama’s actions a “major break with protocol” because it did not have the support of Utah’s Governor, the state’s Congressional delegation, nor local elected officials or state legislators who represented the area.

Nevada – Gold Butte

300,000 acres have been used for this monument. This area sits next to the ranch of Cliven Bundy and is the site of the 2014 protest that gathered hundreds of Patriots together to fight the impounding of Bundy’s cattle.

The monument was pushed by outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. In his statement, Reid says,

“President Obama is a courageous man. I could not be more grateful to him and his team for working with me to make this happen, and for everything he has done to protect public lands in Nevada. By designating Gold Butte a national monument, President Obama has shown once again why he is one of greatest environmental presidents in American history.”

The lame-duck administration is going all out to make themselves relevant. It is time for Donald Trump to show them what the will of the people really means.

3 Comments on Lame Duck Legacy Rejects the Will of the People

  1. Reid and Obama what a couple of scumbags. They do not care about protecting the land, if they did they would quit interfering with ranchers like the Bundys. They just want the land under federal control so they can exploit it for themselves and their filthy cronies.

  2. Good article Shari. The usual suspects, aren’t they? Obama and Reid. Hopefuly, with the Fedcoats in a holding pattern during the transition there’s time to revoke this.Do you miss those exciting days in Portland ? I sure do…..

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