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Did Bundy Owe Millions? See For Yourself!

Bundy was telling the truth!

Did Bundy Owe Millions? See For Yourself!

Did Bundy Owe Millions? See For Yourself!

By Staff

The trial for the Nevada Ranch, Cliven Bundy, is underway in Las Vegas. Bundy is accused of refusing to pay over one million dollars in grazing fees to the Bureau of Land Management, resulting in a forced impoundment operation.

The impoundment, known as “Operation Gold Butte” caused hundreds of supporters from around the country to gather in Bunkerville, Nevada in April 2014.

The Main Stream Media has continued the narrative that Bundy owed over $1,000,000 in grazing fees, including FOX NEWS just this week. Bundy has repeatedly stated that this is untrue.

Documents filed in the case have been substantial and overwhelming for most people to sort through. However, the proof is there.

In a letter dated Jan 21, 2011, and filed in the case Dec 21, 2012, it clearly outlines what fees that the BLM felt was owed to them.

See Full page here.


See Full page here.

Total trespass fees were only $8,815.50.

Administrative Fees added to this are $283,776.00

Add a $10.00 Service fee and the total comes to $292,601.50.

This is well below the reported amount of over a million dollars!

Bundy was telling the truth!

The main stream media seems to think that the truth isn’t good enough and they must embellish the amount.

However, do not forget, the government has allowed these “mistakes” to go unchallenged in the public perception. This could be considered complicit in deceiving the public.

Though the grazing fees are not the central part of the trial, it certainly is a major point for the public.

The current trial of Cliven Bundy, two of his sons, Ryan and Ammon, as well as supporter Ryan Payne, began this month after multiple delays.

After two previous trials, the prosecution has yet to gain any substantial guilty verdicts and seem to be resorting to deception to gain their sought after prize. They have been caught several times withholding evidence and being less-than-truthful with the court.

Judge Gloria Navarro, who has previously shown favoritism towards the prosecution, has yet to sanction the government, dismiss the case, or at least declare a mistrial.

The trial is expected to last 3-4 months. There is another trial for more defendants due to start 30 days after the completion of this trial.


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16 Comments on Did Bundy Owe Millions? See For Yourself!

  1. The attempted land grab of Bundy and Hammond ranches ties into the sale of American uranium to Russia by Obama, Harry Reid & son and son in law, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Mueller, James Comey and Rod Rosenstein + many others inside the federal government!

    • The attempted land grab of Bundy and Hammond ranches ties into the sale of American uranium to Russia by Obama, Harry Reid & son and son in law, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Mueller, James Comey and Rod Rosenstein + many others inside the federal government!

    • It isn’t and our national parks have been called international parks by the one world global government, aka the new world order for decades now, thanks to the CIA which whistleblowers have identified as being the central hub of the new world order’s “shadow government” which has been the ones running our government for about 70 years now. Doubt it, look up the videos of those whistleblowers. They also identify other organizations of the new world order, like the CFR and the UN and others. The new world order puppets think they are now in total control of the USA and are ready to tighten the noose. As one of Obama’s czars said, we just consider the Constitution as just a piece of paper that we have to circumvent, and since they think they can claim as much state land as they want, they are planning to claim all of the land for the new world order. If you aren’t familiar with their plans, look up their AGENDA 21 to find the one world global gvt., aka the new world order will own all property, all the natural resources, all the wealth and all the power and total control of every living thing on the planet. Look up FM 3-39.40 which tells you what to expect when they round up and detain you for resettlement, which may not be continental or include resettlement with you family. The only think you are permitted to take into tne FEMA camp with you is the clothes you are wearing which will soon be replaced with a conspicuous garment with PW stamped on the back. Haven’t finished this Federal Manual put out by the federal government yet, but since but it looks like the ones who planned the German holocaust probably wrote this manual and it is probably going to end the same way if we don’t get serious about taking this country back and backing President Trump every step, which means fewer people will be leaving the FEMA camps than enter them alive, as their ultimate goal is to decrease worldwide population by 95% by 2025 – so apparently they plan to cull we deplorables inside the FEMA camps. Look around your area and see if you think your homeless population has declined. It decreased greatly in this area before Trump was elected and created so many new jobs. Can’t remember the date of the noticeable decline but it was a few months after they said it was illegal to feed the homeless and then the information appeared on line that the homeless were being lured into the FEMA camps with the promise of free meals and carried to them by bus. With the big drop of homeless in this area, one wonders if they have already been culling the homeless all over the USA!

  2. Thank you Dave for posting the obvious elephant in the room! President Trump spoke up for Arapio and pardoned him and now defending petty basketball players which is a disgrace. Where was the intervention for the young man obviously tortured in N. Korea…silence. He suffered untold persecution as are the Bundy’s in our own country. The media is glaringly silent as they are the whores of the enemies in this nation (see quote by John Swinton in 1800’s) and are by deception covertly taking down the foundations of our nation including our heritage, laws and history. We were warned about the press and lawyers. “Whenever a person or people can be seduced into accepting simultaneously, two opposing beliefs are true, they are by that very act rendered docile, passive and indifferent to the advances of their enemy.” Sun Tsuz May Truth and Justice prevail in the horrible persecution of these men who were/are willing to stand up for freedom and against tyranny in the name of God and country.

    • I’m not buying the story anymore that if the fake news TV people refuse to cover particular stories, that means the politicians just don’t do anything about it.

      They know about these things but they’re using the lack of coverage as an excuse to sit on their hands.

      We’ve got one disgraced DNC chair threatening the capital police chief and another writing books about being scared after the Seth Rich murder and basically admitting to election rigging. And congress votes near unanimously to sanction Russia? We’ve got Julian Assange being ignored with his offer of proof on this Russia nonsense and he’s being totally ignored. We’ve got his stiff AG supporting private prisons, civil forfeiture, and challenging state pot laws. There are some out there speculating Sessions is busy down in his AG lair with all these sealed indictments. His fingerprints are all over the situation with the Bundy’s and LaVoy, so I have serious doubts about that.

      The reds are gonna get smoked because people are getting sick of this crap. Trump got two votes from us for the sole reason that he wasn’t Hillary. If this stays the same, we’ll either stay home, go third party, or write somebody.

      The blues and the MSM, they simply don’t care. They never have and they never will.

      • KIDNAPPED.. the DVD shows what big government England did to the Scottish Highlanders in the 1700 in the Jacobite rebellion get the version with Armando Asante history right there that is invaluable and exactly what is going on today has been done before many times this is an excellent example to show the people of real history and what big government did back in the Seventeen hundreds

  3. I find it annoying that Trump today is playing on twitter about the saga of the shoplifting basketball players in China.

    The Bundy’s have been treated much more harshly right here at home and so was LaVoy.

  4. Loren : Between your erudition and our boots on the ground, we’ve got em dead to rights. If Navarro and her gang had any sense, they’d escape this can o worms rather than continue the trial. The Bundys and their followers have left a trail of federal casualties in their wake…Dan Love…Anna Brown..prosecutors Knight , Gabriel and Barrow, US Attorney Billy Williams..Navarro and her minions are next, due to gain fame as the Govt. team that lost the trial of the century.

    • Hi Neil! Hope all is well with you. Appreciated the correspondence. Keep on fighting my friend, every little bit helps. It seems like this is going on forever. The one thing we can all take away from it is definitely very clear, the gee oh vee must be downsized.

  5. Not only do they not owe $1,000,000 but they don’t owe the outrageous administration fees because:
    1. Those administration fees cannot be justified with a detailled accounting of how that was derived, 2. On what statutory authority do they claim underwrites the levying of admin fees? 3. What is the constitutional pedigree of the BLM? If congress enacted a law authorizing the creation of the BLM, what statute authorizes them to chafge admin fees? 4. Where did congress get the authority to create the BLM and retain 700 million acres of federally owned land, land that is managed by bureaucrats, not the American people? 5. If it can be established that the constitution authorizes congress to create the BLM, how do we know that the land in Nevada actually is owned by the federal government and not the state of Nevada or local municipality?

  6. So full circle…Colonial America in the early 18th century was inhabited by British Americans, and proud of it. By 1750, it had became apparent to an emerging, purely American identity that when Britain looked at the colonies, what they saw were sacks of rice, barrels of tobacco, timber, furs, and other merchantable commodities, with “Johnathan” – the derogatory British name for the colonials – in a distant background.The “Long train of usurpations and abuses” suffered by the colonies finally destroyed any hope of fair treatment.By 1770, The former loyal Britons had become thoroughly disenchanted with the Central Govt, and certain of it’s malign intentions.Do we see a near poetic repetition of this today ? In regard to the Bundy case, See what you think of this quote from the Declaration of Independence, one of the complaints lodged against Britain by our Founders….”They have erected a multitude of offices, and sent hither swarms of agents to harass us and eat out our substance”.

  7. Bundy needs to be in jail. The facts represent this determination.

    Moderator’s note: This fake account has been blocked from further posting.

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