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EPA Blindly Attacks Landowner in Montana

John Lamb is NOT asking for anyone to show up at his property.


EPA Blindly Attacks Landowner in Montana

By Shari Dovale

Residents in Montana enjoy many freedoms, yet the Federal Government is, again, trying to limit those freedoms.

One of the benefits of living on Montana is that the state allows you to utilize your property for hobby use, and earn a few extra dollars while doing so.

lamb 3John Lamb is one of the residents that has hobby property in which he, also, provides a service to his community. Utilizing about 7 acres to recycle metal, he offers a “Free Metal Removal” service to his community, and has done so for several years.

He will haul off vehicles, appliances and more for the benefit of his neighbors. He brings these items back to his personal property and salvages what he can from them. After this, he takes the remainder to a recycling center for final disposal.

Sometimes he can salvage the vehicles and resell them for a bit more profit. This is all perfectly legal under Montana state law, as long as he places the titles under his own personal name, which he does.

lamb 4Lamb has 11 children in his large family, and we all know how hard it can be to provide under these trying economic times. We applaud anyone with a strong work ethic that is willing to put forth the effort to feed their families without government assistance.

A few months ago, Lamb was made aware of the plight of the Bundy’s and other political prisoners. He made the decision to travel and learn more of their situation. Teaching his children to stand up for their Constitutional rights was equally important to Lamb.

Since his decision to get involved, he has been notified, and visited, by representatives of the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They claim to have received complaints that his property is a mess and he has violated their laws.

lamb 1aHere is the rub: They have not been on his property to evaluate what laws he MIGHT have violated. They are demanding access to his private land to investigate and determine what laws he may, or may not, have violated. They have called it possible “Unknown” violations of  laws. They want to go on a fishing expedition, at his expense.

When he asked for a copy of the warrant, what he received instead was a letter outlining fines of $300.00 per day until they are allowed on his property.

Lamb spoke to me of a phone call he received from an employee of the EPA. “He was threatening me, that if I did not allow the DEQ people to search my property,” Lamb says, “It was going to be harder on me if the EPA had to come and start testing water, and everything else, to see if there were other types of pollution.”

So, they have fined him thousands of dollars because he stood up for his rights and did not allow them access without just cause.

lamb2The officials did make an appointment with Lamb for last Friday, August 26, 2016. Lamb, as the lease-owner of this property, took the time and made himself available for this appointment. The government employees never showed on Friday.

This morning, Monday, August 29th, Lamb went to Billings to work. The DEQ and EPA showed up today, unannounced.

The EPA employees are at his property as we are writing this article, demanding access. They have been video recorded and photographed. They have refused to answer questions, even down to what their names are.

    **Editor’s note:  A credible source contacted me today to tell me that the video does NOT depict the person first thought. We apologize for the error. **

They are demanding proof that each and every vehicle will start, among other things. So, watch out folks, if you like to rebuild cars on your own property. The EPA says they can fine you for doing so. If you are repairing your primary vehicle, yet it does not run on the day they want it to, they can determine you are violating ‘Unknown’ federal laws.

John Lamb is the latest victim of the Government overreach for anyone that supports the political prisoners in this country.

Lamb is not asking for anyone to show up. He does not need a physical presence at this point, however, it is important to get this story out to the public.

Everyone must be aware of the tactics the Federal Government is using, and the lengths they will go, to shut down the free speech, and the pursuit of happiness, by it’s citizens.



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  1. That is your neighbors and local government complaining. Neighbors with well do not appreciate used oil, antifreeze leaking into the water she’d. Especially since drive king water is valuable.

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