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Liberty Prevails at Idaho GOP Convention

Maybe we should have the next one in 2018 up in Sandpoint, what do you think?

US Senator Crapo and Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador at the Idaho GOP convention.

Liberty Prevails at Idaho GOP Convention

by Danielle Ahrens

Liberty was in full force at the Idaho 2016 Republican Convention this weekend in Nampa.

489 delegates representing over 400,000 registered Republicans from 43 counties were present in the Ford Convention center.  We meet every two years after the elections primary to elect our State Chairman and board for the Idaho Republican party and to discuss our party business. This year we also selected our state delegates to attend the National Republican Convention in Cleveland this July.

Delegates preparing for the Pledge of Allegiance, and to begin the convention.

At the convention this year we had workshops with George Wentz on the Lands issue, a second amendment workshop with Alex Kincaid, along with a campaign school for candidates currently running.

It was impressive to see our committees of Platform, Rules and Resolutions run smoothly and I so enjoyed hearing the different discussions and arguments on both sides of the issues.

Delegate and Candidate for State House 5A Carl Berglund with Danielle Ahrens at the Idaho GOP Convention in Nampa

Delegates were well versed on the constitutional and foundational planks of our republic and brought these to the forefront of all decisions. We kept our conservative  platform unchanged and if you would like to read it go to to look it up.

The speakers at our event were David Keene former president of the NRA, Buck Sexton of the Blaze, Kimberly Staussel author of Real Clear Politics and successful businessmen Frank Vandersloot and Foster Friess.

Victoria Zeischegg, Russ Fulcher and Danielle Ahrens at the Republican Convention.

The events ranging from a firing simulator course to the Warhawk museum along with a bonfire, country music band with the governor playing and singing, children’s choir and great conversations made this the best convention I’ve ever attended.

We reelected our party Chairman Steve Yates for another two year term along with the board that serves with him.
We left the convention this year with a renewed sense of purpose and vision to unite behind our principles and values of Faith, Family, Freedom and Firearms which was our theme for this convention.

A big congratulations to our State Chairman Steve Yates, State Director David Johnston, The entire Canyon County Republican Central Committee and the donors, volunteers and interns that contributed to making this such a dynamic fun and motivating event.

Maybe we should have the next one in 2018 up in Sandpoint,  what do you think?