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Plains Montana Rally Brings Patriots Together

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

Dan Ryan and Joe Robertson in Plains, MT. Photo: Redoubt News

Plains Montana Rally Brings Patriots Together

The rally in Plains, MT this weekend drew over a hundred citizens from Arizona to Illinois. They came to hear the updates on the Political Prisoners, the Liberty Movement, and how they could be a part of the solutions.

The long list of speakers only enhanced the audience enthusiasm, despite the half-day program. Included were the family of Jake Ryan, though Jake did not make an appearance. Being ever mindful of the release orders from the Oregon courts, Jake could not participate as he risks his freedom if he associates with “Patriot” groups. Yes, the judge vilified the word “Patriot” in official court documents.

Among the varied speakers was Billy Hill. On September 21, 1985, Hill was attacked and injured by an endangered grizzly bear while hunting with a group of bowhunters from New York state. Using their bows and arrows, the hunters managed to kill the bear during the attack.

Speaking with Billy Hill. Photo: Redoubt News

The very next day, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks game warden Lou Kiss, the game warden captain for MT FWP Region 1, ordered that Hill and his New York clients be prosecuted for the killing of the bear that attacked them. Hill and his clients were acquitted of the charges against them.

There is much more to this story, that we will bring you later. Billy Hill is an engaging speaker that has been fighting for citizen’s rights for most of his adult life.

Michele Fiore spoke through a phone call broadcasted live to the group. Charging all citizens to actively engage in their local elections, Fiore explained that is the only way that we can fight the hidden agenda of American Politics. This agenda is what is keeping our political prisoners behind bars, and the people in fear of their government.

Joe Robertson addressed the crowd about his conviction for placing legal ponds on his property and his upcoming sentencing. Robertson, a disabled vet from Basin, MT., explained that he had the required permitting, yet his attorney, Mike Donahoe, did not submit all of the evidence during trial. Additionally, there were two separate environmental impact studies completed which would exonerate him, yet Donahoe has refused to use these for Robertson’s defense.

Joe and Carri Robertson

Robertson is scheduled for sentencing on July 20th. If anyone would like to speak at this proceeding, they must submit a statement to the court by June 11, 2016.

The highlight of the evening was the much anticipated speech by Jeanette Finicum. She, like her husband, has a presence about her that just makes you want to bring her into your family. A lovely, genuine woman that shows a strength and courage that is unmatched by many.

Sharing her concern for those people that are standing alone in their battles with the government overreach, she prompted listeners to get involved.

Jeanette told the story of LaVoy’s “awakening” during the Bundy ranch standoff. How he traveled to meet, and get to know, Cliven Bundy. Just as he used to tell others, he had to find out for himself whether Bundy was genuine.

That message will live on. Research it for yourself. Find out if the government is right or wrong. Then act upon your research, and your beliefs.

“They stopped my husband’s voice,” she says, “But they created twelve more, and we will not be silent.”

Jeanette Finicum speaking in Plains, MT Photo: Redoubt News

Comments after the rally included discussion of how the public has a profound impact on how the government responds. ‘We The People’ cannot let their guard down, even for an instant. We must continue to support the Finicum, Bundy, and Hammond families. Support their legal funds, and the funds for the political prisoners while they are incarcerated.

We must step up the attendance at the Stand-By-Me rallies throughout the country. Do not let this fade into the background. “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

Even before her husband was brutally murdered in Harney County, Jeanette Finicum had her livelihood ripped away from her when she was no longer allowed to foster children at her ranch in Arizona. Now, she supports herself through selling LaVoy’s book, Only By Blood and Suffering, at patriot rallies and through her website.

Carole Bundy, it was discussed, was not able to attend the Plains meeting due to a lack of traveling funds.

Talking with Jeanette after the meeting. Photo: Redoubt News

The Federal government has been patiently waiting for the fervor to die down and the outcries to dwindle. We can’t let that happen! The pressure from the public is making a difference.

Stay Vigilant Patriots! Continue to show your support by sharing the message. Gather other Liberty Defenders and attend the Stand By Me for Liberty Rallies around the country. Share LaVoy’s message and books with those that have not heard the true story. Donate to the funds to support the Finicum family, the Bundy family, and the prisoners that are in need.

The opposition is strong and powerful, but, as Jeanette Finicum reminds us, “We The People are stronger. And there are more of us!”

Do not get complacent. That is what the destroyers of liberty and freedom are waiting for!


By Shari Dovale and Bret Roush

6 Comments on Plains Montana Rally Brings Patriots Together

  1. The bottom line is that we have all failed to effectively organize and stand together. We only have our numbers to our advantage at this point, and to not utilize our only most effective weapon is costing people DEARLY. Everybody is so busy doing their own things, that it feels we will never pull together and organize under one group with timely and effective communications.
    Plus there are a lot of important things happening that don’t get conveyed to everyone else, so most people don’t know anything about what is going on and when/where, etc.
    This is EPA’s BLM’s favorite thing- to launch massive attacks against individuals. Our response has got to be one of coming to rally around the person being attacked BEFORE they get drug into that false court system proceedings.
    Patriot solidarity under such attacks is essential, and forcing the media to report on such occurrences before they hit the courts is extremely important.
    People being attacked need to instantly report to the papers, and write letters to the editors to raise immediate awareness of the attacks. Time is of the essence. Allowing the elected corrupt officials get ahold of you and chew you up while you’re on your own and without massive backup from the community seems to be the death knell with these cases, because it’s all down hill from there for the land owner.
    Our massive numbers is all we’ve got in cases like this, and if we’re too disorganized to utilize our one best weapon, we’re already sunk.

  2. We are sickened by this government, and praying for all our Patriots. My family and friends are keeping close tabs on all that is going on with our Patriots and contributed to their Legal Funds. We will not Stand Down.

  3. I want to be at the activities, but I cannot. I am here, doing what the Lord wants me doing at this particular time.

  4. I stand free for now…at my last stand. There are plenty of those who deny there is anything wrong….but, there is plenty wrong…

  5. I was there and was amazed at how many people had the same kind of story and they came from different parts of the country. They are all true patriot warriors.

  6. I wish I could have been there. Praying for justice for all of us. Praying for the Truth to come out.

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