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Zach Brooks Seeks District 11 Senate Seat

“We need representation that will uphold constitutional conservatism."

Zach Brooks

Zach Brooks Seeks District 11 Senate Seat


Date: April 7, 2016

Caldwell, ID – Local businessman, Zach Brooks, has announced his candidacy for State Senate in District 11. Brooks grew up in Canyon County and graduated from Lewis-Clark State College (Business Administration, emphasis in Accounting). After graduation, Brooks successfully ran a Papa Murphy’s for 8 years before selling the business. He now invests in the community through real estate.

He’s a founding member of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and member of both the Second Amendment Foundation and Gun Owners of America. He and Tiffanie, his wife of nine years, have four children, whom they homeschool on their small acreage.

Brooks cites his motivation for office: “We need representation that will uphold constitutional conservatism in all aspects of our lives. People are frustrated with the status quo and I am seeking office to give the hard-working folks in my district a fresh voice for the conservative values we hold dear. I believe our families, businesses, charities, and communities will best flourish with limited government.”

Zach’s education and business experience will bring fresh perspective to economic matters: “I know from experience that excessive taxation and over-regulation hurt farmers, businesses, and economic investment. If we reform our tax structure, I believe there will be more investment, jobs, higher wages and revenue.”

Regarding education, “I grew up in the Idaho public school system and have family that works in education, as well. I fully intend to reject a top-down model of bureaucratic overreach. Education has been most effective when parents, school boards, and local school districts are empowered to make decisions. Federal involvement has only frustrated the education experience for all parties involved. I trust those at the local level to make the best decisions and be the most accountable.”

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The Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho PAC (RLCID PAC) has endorsed 22 candidates for the Idaho Legislature for the May 17th Republican Primary. To accept the RLCID PAC endorsement candidates are required to sign the “Liberty Compact” (below). We will be announcing the endorsed candidates as they sign and return their “Liberty Compacts” to us. Please check back often as we add names of endorsed candidates to this list. We will leave this post pinned to the top of this page now through May 17th.

NOTICE: You may be surprised to not see one or more of your favorite legislators on this list of endorsed candidates. That is likely because they do not have a Primary challenger. The RLCID PAC did not consider a candidate for endorsement in the Primary if they did not have a challenger. The RLCID PAC will announce its list of General endorsements sometime after the May 17th Primary. Any candidate endorsed in the Primary is automatically endorsed in the General.

2016 Idaho Legislature Endorsed Candidates:

D11S: Zach Brooks

Liberty Compact
“As your elected representative I will work to: Restore liberty, not restrict it; shrink government, not expand it; reduce taxes, not raise them; abolish programs, not create them; promote the freedom and independence of citizens, not the interference of government in their lives; and observe the limited, enumerated powers of our Constitution, not ignore them.”