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The Ultimate Goal

Democrats have loaded Trump down with so much litigation baggage, there is a very real possibility that he could end up as a convicted felon

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The Ultimate Goal

By Pete Ketcham

The indictments by the Democrat prosecutors are just the first step of the Democrat strategy to put Donald Trump in prison. The next step is the arraignments, and finally the criminal trials. The Democrat prosecutors have brought many individual criminal charges in these indictments, relying on the odds that they will get several felony criminal convictions that will eventually put Trump in prison.

The criticism from conservative individuals and lawyers is that these Democrat prosecutors lack knowledge of the law, and their fallacious charges against Trump
will all be defeated at the trial.

In reality these Democrat prosecutors are clever and dedicated. They realize that it will be an “uphill” effort to achieve a conviction on many of the numerous indictment charges, but with Democrat loaded juries in Washington DC and possibly Georgia, their odds of getting a conviction on one or more of the numerous criminal counts is very high.

Another strategy of the Democrat prosecutors is to drain Trump’s financial resources by litigation costs, which are already almost 43 million and climbing. But the final objective is to discredit and demonize Trump’s image to the point he will be unable to win the general election for the presidency.


Although Trump has tremendous support from his MAGA supporters and will no doubt end up as the Republican presidential candidate, credible poles show that a majority of the American people (both Republican & Democrat) do not want either Trump or Biden as president.

Even though it is neither fair or ethical, the Democrats have loaded Trump down with so much litigation baggage, there is a very real possibility that he could end up as a convicted felon, creating an unelectable presidential image. The MAGA supporters by themselves are simply not enough, as there are just to many “never Trumpers”, consisting of Republicans, Independents, and Democrats that will vote against him.

Thus, looking ahead, it does not look very promising for Trump to win the 2024 election, but anything can change between now and then.


2 Comments on The Ultimate Goal

  1. It has to be clear to all but the most brain dead people that America is no longer a functioning Republic. Instead, it has, over the last 150 years, been “transformed” into a de facto marxist dictatorship with the trappings of a republic, but without any foundation as that has been destroyed.

    Given that none of the traitors and other America haters who stole the last two elections have gone to prison, it is insane to think that Trump or anyone the DS does not want in office will ever be elected again. We are in serious trouble, and that is the understatement of the century. In Hoc Signo Vinces.

  2. Trump should have left the Republican Party and started a new
    political party, which, happily, would have been the death of the
    Republican Party. Trump has a huge lead in the polls to win the
    Republican Primary and is wildly popular with the American people.
    Nevertheless, the Marxist Democrats and their appendage, the Republican
    Party, will steal the election again from Trump in 2024. Big Mike, who
    is Michelle Obama and whose real gender may not be female, will be
    installed as president by the international Marxists.

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