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Are We Transitioning Into A Socialist/Communist Nation?

September 29, 2023 1

Are We Transitioning Into A Socialist/Communist Nation? By Pete Ketcham Conservative talk show hosts, columnists, TV hosts, politicians, etc. have repeatedly warned us, that our nation is being transformed into a socialist or communist nation. [Read More]


Democrat Political Crime Syndicate

August 20, 2023 1

Democrat Political Crime Syndicate By Pete Ketcham In the past much has been written about the corruption of the Bidens and the Democrat party, but the reality is, the Democrats have moved past just being [Read More]

goal keep faking evidence

The Ultimate Goal

August 5, 2023 2

The Ultimate Goal By Pete Ketcham The indictments by the Democrat prosecutors are just the first step of the Democrat strategy to put Donald Trump in prison. The next step is the arraignments, and finally [Read More]

A Spiritual Battle or Political?

Is It Complex Or Simple?

August 1, 2023 0

Is It Complex Or Simple? A Spiritual War By Pete Ketcham We see the complex activities of the Bidens and the Democrat Party as they hide their criminal actions, and hypocritically prosecute their political opponents [Read More]


The Two Giants Of Destruction

July 23, 2023 0

The Two Giants Of Destruction By Pete Ketcham There are two entities in this nation, that by themself s alone are capable of destroying the basic constitutional foundations of this nation. These mammoth entities are [Read More]


Who Controls The President?

July 3, 2023 1

Who Controls The President? By Pete Ketcham There has been considerable conservative criticism of president Biden for his illogical & illegal policies, his prepared teleprompter speeches, and bizarre comments. All of these policies and comments are [Read More]


Know Your Enemy

June 27, 2023 0

Know Your Enemy By Pete Ketcham It is evident in our nation today, that the God-fearing conservatives (Republicans) and the godless liberals (Democrats) are in an all-out war for the future existence of this constitutional [Read More]

Bonner County

Who Is Hiding Behind The Curtain?

June 23, 2023 0

Who Is Hiding Behind The Curtain? This was seen in a recent Facebook reaction to the WBCSD board’s decision to hire Branden Durst:  “We need to ask for HELP! Idaho Moms and Bonner Dems” If [Read More]


Corruption and Academia

June 19, 2023 0

Corruption and Academia By Pete Ketcham What our nation was, and what our nation has become in the last thirty years is almost beyond description. Even though the “baby boomer generation” in the 60’s began [Read More]

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