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Invaders, The Facilitators, The Beneficiaries

The Invaders, The Facilitators, The Beneficiaries

July 17, 2018 0

The Invaders, The Facilitators, The Beneficiaries by Pete Ketcham On past occasions I had referred to our southern boarder issue as a peaceful invasion and occupation of our nation by a foreign country, but had […]

Coalition scott ad veterans government America

U.S. Led Coalition for World Peace

June 5, 2017 0

U.S. Led Coalition for World Peace Benjamin Netanyahu was a decorated Israeli commando in the premier Special Forces outfit known as the “Unit,” the equivalent of Delta Force, Navy Seals, or Russian Spetsnaz. Vladimir Putin […]


These Democrats Voted To Ban Muslims

January 31, 2017 0

These 73 sitting Democrats voted to ban visas from some Muslim countries. That law still exists. Trump’s executive order is so modest that the foundation of it is essentially existing law. That law was passed […]

A New Day Dawns

A New Day Dawns with President Trump

January 25, 2017 2

A New Day Dawns by Jim Boyer The founding of our country should be a lesson for all of us, but for some it has been ignored. In America’s battle for independence people longing for […]

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Liberal Culture Writers are Fine with Hypocrisy

January 10, 2017 0

Leftist Tweet About Sessions’ Grandchild Reeks of Hypocrisy Liberal ‘culture writers’ are fine with personal attacks as long as they dish them out An MTV News culture writer used Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions’ Tuesday morning […]