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*UPDATED* Trump Trial in Miami (Video)

Watch the media circus in Miami

Trump Trial

Trump Trial in Miami



There was one sad little man protesting against President Trump. He tried to disrupt the motorcade and got himself arrested.

He was certainly dressed for the occasion.

Lazaro Ecenarro was one of the few members of the public to secure a coveted seat in the courtroom for the Trump hearing. Multiple media outlets caught up with him to hear his story:

USA Today:

One Trump fan gets lucky, wins coveted seat in the courtroom, says Trump ‘railroaded

One of the onlookers was Lazaro Ecenarro, who had been among the few dozen protesters gathered outside the courthouse since the before the break of dawn.

Ecenarro, 48, said he was at the courthouse Monday, and that he had waited in line to get a seat inside the courthouse. In a lottery overseen by courthouse officials, he succeeded along with at least eight other members of the general public. 

After sitting through the hearing for Trump and his valet Walt Nauta, Ecenarro – who has posted on social media about Trump-related conspiracy theories – said he believed Trump was being treated unfairly.

“I think he is being railroaded by the government,” Ecenarro told USA TODAY.

– Josh Meyer

CBS News:

Lazaro Ecenarro, a Trump supporter wearing a Make America Great Again hat, also said he was drawn to the courthouse by the significance of the moment.

“This is historic,” Ecenarro said. “What we’re witnessing is historic, but at the same time it’s embarrassing because it makes us a laughingstock internationally.”

“I’m worried about him,” Ecenarro said, referring to Trump. “And I’m worried about our country.”

After the arraignment, Ecenarro said Trump looked, “serious” and noted Trump had his arms folded much of the time. Ecenarro said special counsel Jack Smith, whose investigation led the Justice Department to charge Trump, was accompanied by a dozen or so other prosecutors, while Trump had two lawyers. He said he was “worried about Trump, and worried about the country.”  

The Trump hearing in Miami drew hundreds of people, including a barrage of media. The Left wing, radical, government media turned the historic happenings into a circus as only they could.

Lazaro Ecenarro documents the events for you here.

Additionally, we share with you the video from NewsNation Now, in which they show President Trump at a local eatery for an unscheduled visit.

After former President Donald Trump pleaded not guilty to 37 felony counts in the classified documents probe, he spent time in a local Miami Cuban restaurant, where he was met with cheers and jeers.





Lazaro Ecenarro is currently in Miami, Florida, where President Donald Trump is expected to appear in a federal courthouse on Tuesday, June 13th, to face indictment concerning his handling of classified documents.



Laz will be bringing breaking news and videos to you as they happen. Stay tuned for updates.


Trump Trial Trump Trial Trump Trial

* * *

Lazaro Ecenarro has been on the frontlines in the fight for freedom for many years. He has covered issues including Uranium One, Malheur Wildlife Refuge, and exposing corrupt members of the  BAR Association.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos and videos are courtesy of Laz Ecenarro.

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  1. I believe Trump has been charged with 34 counts in
    New York and 37 counts in Florida, which is a total of
    71 counts. Then there are the coming charges from D.C.
    and Atlanta. The Marxist coup stole the election from
    Trump in 2020 and now the coup intends to put Trump in prison
    to deny him and most of the American people his re-election in
    2024 and to protect the Marxist coup from the American people.
    America is under a Marxist dictatorship.

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