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The Expanding LGBTQ Influence

This current LGBTQ movement started several years ago with the gay parades

The Expanding LGBTQ Influence

By Pete Ketcham

The many political issues that are now impacting the nation all flow from the moral base of the nation. How the moral culture of the nation goes, so goes the political agenda.

Of all the issues negatively impacting this nation such as, climate change, wokeness, abortion, illegal immigration, rising crime, and others, the LGBTQ agenda is creating the most damage

The degenerate LGBTQ movement has achieved tremendous influence in every cultural and political area of this nation, and is continuing to grow at an astounding rate. They have grown to the point where no major conservative Republican candidate or office holder will openly criticize them in fear of being demonized by the godless liberal left. Not only in the political world is this demonetization taking place, but also in the commercial business world, sports world, entertainment world, and many others areas.

This current LGBTQ movement started several years ago with the gay parades which attracted many straight people who though it was just a harmless expression of the gay culture. But the LGBTQ community has now grown into a powerful evil force that is cutting the God-fearing moral base out from under the nation. It has integrated itself into the national education system, creating future generations that will be more depraved and degenerate.

One may wonder if there is anything effective that the God-fearing community can do to stop this overwhelming evil. At present there seems to be only two incidents that are having any impact, and they are as follows:

  1. There is a current movement by parents and others confronting K-12 school boards at scheduled meetings, expressing their objections to sex education (indoctrination), but unfortunately there is no parental “push back” at the university level where the major impact is coming from.
  2. There are significant shopping boycotts against Target and Bud-Light, but there are many more corporations that support the LGBTQ agenda. There is the possibility these type of boycotts could grow, but the reality is they are presently only ‘a drop in the bucket” compared with the overall support, promotion, and growth of the LGBTQ agenda that is taking place all across corporate America and the world.


From what is happening today it would seem that the unopposed LGBTQ movement and influence will continue to grow prodigiously, as there is simply no organized movement to counter it. Those who had hopes that the organized evangelical church community would come together to counter the LGBTQ movement are now realizing that their hopes were misplaced.

This nation is now facing a moral dilemma it has never faced before, and the final outcome is impossible to accurately predict, but what is certain, it is going to get far worse, for the LGBTQ movement is not content to coexist with the Christian community. They intend to destroy it!


2 Comments on The Expanding LGBTQ Influence

  1. Most Christians know the rainbow is a biblical symbol.
    That symbol of God was appropriated by the radical left
    to become a symbol of their diabolical agenda.

  2. The true purpose of the moralistic term diversity, which has conned so
    many Americans, is the destruction of American society, family, culture, political system and her Christian faith. Marxist morality is superior to Christian morality. Over the years, the sickening gay flag has been seen at a number of restaurants in downtown Sandpoint.
    The gay pedophiles want your children and the culture. To the sick, evil Marxists, cutting off children’s sex organs helps reduce the human population.

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