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Yeah, Right, Just Another Extremist.

Pray for God’s mercy, for his deliverance.


Yeah, right, just another extremist.

by Gregory Noble

FB asks, “What’s on your mind, Gregory?” As if FB is interested or could comprehend what is on my mind. In spite of the friendly FB query for which they care not other than possibly to know what I had for breakfast, I will tell you gentle reader what is on my mind.

My mind is troubled by the fact that so many people, never mind the media or political elites, are seemingly okay with the plain view theft of our recent Presidential election, by a party which is openly, not even in some Q ANON conspiracy nonsense manner, promoting a Marxist (i.e. socialist / communist / progressive) agenda. In other words, should they get away with what they have done, there is no electoral process in the United States.

No my friend, not extremist, not even a warning. Just stating what is playing out in front of your eyes while you concern yourself with momentous questions such as whether Coach Belichick or Quarterback Tom Brady was more important to the New England Superbowl history, or whether the Crimson Tide for all their support of Black Lives Matter is the greatest team in history. The Democrat party in league with a complicit media monopoly openly stopped counting ballots on election night 3 November even while the entire world could see they inexplicably stopped. Then in the middle of the night, literally in the darkest hours when most were asleep, the Democrats started counting again, with waves of ballots dropping into the machines with up to 99% Biden margins. Yes, the Democrat party did this, not some random group of partisans on both sides, because these events of which I speak occurred only in the swing states and within the Democrat party controlled electoral machines of key urban vote centers, like Philadelphia, Detroit, Madison, Atlanta.

If this weren’t clear enough, Ben Shapiro and all you smart never Trumpers, it was after this that the eye witness accounts, the affidavits, the videos (Lord help us, actual videos of crime) have come forth by the hundreds and thousands to explicitly detail what happened in those wee hours of the morning. Things well documented now such as more votes tabulated than citizens or ballots sent out, the dead rising to vote Democrat, out of stater’s voting in state, pristine unfolded mail ballots that have to be folded to fit into an envelope. Yet, silence from the masses.

A travesty of justice and of fair play. Oh well, such things have happened before, and they will happen again. Move on. Except, such things as this only happen when Democrats steal elections, such as the 1960 Kennedy election, the 1948 Johnson Senatorial win, the 2004 Franken Senatorial win, to name a few. And this time, dear dreamer, life does not go on as it has gone before. Marxists, in spite of what your local Presbyterian church minister, your United Methodist denomination, and your New City urban church might tell you, are not interested in social justice, Christianity, or elections. If the Marxist / Progressive, for they are one in the same, Democrat party succeeds in stealing this national election, before the eyes of the world, they will not relinquish power. They still hold the keys to power in those aforementioned Democrat strongholds, just a surely as a jailer holds the keys to a prison cell for those locked within. They would control the US House and the Presidency, and very possibly soon the Senate. They boasted of what they would do if they won all. They would eliminate our electoral system. No, not the Electoral College; not such a bad thing they determined if you can control the votes. They would add States to the Union where Democrat Senators are a certainty, even in fair elections. They would increase the size of the Supreme Court to ensure dominance of progressive judges, as if that were hardly necessary given the inability of more than two conservative justices to ever gather at the Court before one must die.

Still the nation for the most part slumbers. And unless God has mercy, unless his people wake up and pray, and repent of the sin of being idle and useless, salt without saltiness, then the slumber of slothfulness will end in the loss of freedom. You cannot reclaim victory at the polls when the polls allow no legitimate election. If once a party, or a group, ascends in dominance to the point they can control the outcome of elections regardless of the will of the people, then you have passed into dictatorship.

Pray for God’s mercy, for his deliverance.

This election is not over, this victory of the left is not yet confirmed. It is still yet to be determined if God will be merciful. Pray. Call your Senators and Congressman, demand they fight for investigation of the election when they meet on 6 January. And pray that Vice President Pence will be the man God intends him to be in this hour of testing.

As for the President, I have sent the following message to him. In spite of all that has happened, and in spite of being abandoned by “his” party, he is still urging and fighting both for his own cause in the election, but also for the two Republican US Senators from Georgia:

“You are truly amazing. For all the bluster and hard tweets, when push comes to shove, you continue to show decency, and honor, to those who have failed to do the same for you. If ever I opposed you, and I did prior to the 2016 election, you have humbled and shamed me for doubting what you said you were going to do as President, and then actually doing it, keeping promises to a higher degree than any President in modern times. Singlehandedly fighting for what is right against the opposition party, half of your own, the media, the entertainment centers, the universities, and half a nation of ignorant people who only remain blissfully ignorant for lack of effort to discern truth. It is because God has ordained you for your work that you are able to do the things you have done, but he works with you and you have responded. I and my family pray for you and your family, for all your family to come to faith in salvation, for protection, for guidance, and for victory in this still open election where we believe God will show a mighty, miraculous hand to overturn what the progressives and ignorant are trying to do. We pray for the legal Constitutional process to play out, and for right to be done.”


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