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Kanye’s Outburst Fulfills George Orwell Prediction

With Kanye’s very pubic meltdown and desensitized view of NAZIsm I feel society is on the verge of something awful.

Some are more equal than others.

Kanye’s Outburst Fulfills George Orwell Prediction

by Dean Cannon

It’s finally happened. Democrats and the servile media have used the word NAZI so many times to describe people they disagree with that the word ‘NAZI’ has lost all its meaning. Want proof? AOC recently called Fox News’ Laura Ingraham a ’neo-NAZI fan favorite.’ Google the words ‘Republican’ and ‘NAZI’ and see what comes up. Millions being murdered is now just a handy political slur. When NAZI is demeaned to the point it is used to describe someone who supports Trump or traditional family how can anyone be surprised by Kanye’s ignorance?

I was born in England. My grandmother had to walk around the rubble, with her neighbors buried under it, to get to work during the blitz. My two grandfathers fought in Monte Cassino and North Africa – one of them dying from injuries sustained in the war. For my family words like NAZI and the V2 rocket have entirely different meanings than they do to Alexandria Cortez. It made me angry to hear the word so casually thrown about until I realized that is the point– to make conservatives angry and show that anger to the world somehow as proof of their ‘NAZIsm’. Clearly this can’t last forever; all of our patience is wearing thin. With Kanye’s very pubic meltdown and desensitized view of NAZIsm I feel society is on the verge of something awful.

Truth be told a good portion of the Democrat’s use of the NAZI slur is projection. Hitler was anti-capitalist, pro-abortion and said at rallies ‘above all I am a Socialist’. He was obsessed with race, nationalized education and took over the German media which he used to demonize his political opponents. I have to ask, which party does this sound like today?

George Orwell in his essay Politics and the English Language wrote “[T]he word Fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies ‘something not desirable’…Political language…is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

In 2022 Orwell would be at the same time proud of his observation, but depressed it had become truth.

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