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DoD Fails Another Audit so Congress Wants to REWARD Them

Congress wants to give Biden $45 billion over what he already asked for in his budget

DoD Fails Another Audit so Congress Wants to REWARD Them

DoD Fails Another Audit so Congress Wants to REWARD Them

by Shari Dovale

Last week, the Defense department FAILED it’s 5th Audit. Yes, after 5 years, auditors were unable to find sufficient record keeping for the DoD to pass off on a clean audit.

After 1,600 auditors rummaged through DOD’s $3.5 trillion in assets and $3.7 trillion in liabilities, officials found that they couldn’t account for 61 percent of its assets (worth about $1.8 trillion), Pentagon Comptroller Mike McCord told reporters on Tuesday.

McCord said the DoD drawdowns of weapons and other military supplies to send to Ukraine “is actually a very teachable moment for us on the audit” because it demonstrates the need to have accurate records of what weapons and supplies the military has on hand.

So they get a pass because they are finally (after 5 years) making some sort of “progress” according to the comptroller? Can the citizens be judged on the same standard?

So to recap, the government cannot account for TRILLIONS of Dollars in ASSETS for the Fifth Year running, yet they have hired 87,000 new IRS agents to scour the minutia of the citizens accounts.

These 87,000 agents are sure to remind the citizens that they must report payments on Venmo and PayPal over $600, or face the WRATH of Biden’s Regime!

Being reported TODAY:

(FOX) Americans warned about looming IRS audits of Venmo payments: ‘They’re targeting you’
(Published Reporter) Americans Who Fail to Report Payments of $600 in PayPal, Venmo Face Potential Audit, IRS Warns; Part of American Rescue Plan

Part of our recap will remind us of their first audit, 5 years ago, in which they admit they never expected to pass:

No Big Surprise! Pentagon Fails Its First-Ever Audit
The DOD’s Failed Audit Shows It Shouldn’t Get a Bigger Budget

Wait For It… There’s MORE!

Lawmakers Set to Propose Record $847B for Defense, $45B OVER Biden’s Request

The United States’s already colossal and record-breaking defense budget is about to get even bigger, with congressional negotiators slated to propose a staggering $847 billion for defense for 2023, new reporting finds — a $45 billion increase over President Joe Biden’s already massive defense budget request.

So the government rewards themselves for not following their own rules, yet hires 87,000 more Armed IRS agents to persecute the little guy.

That sounds about right for Biden’s America.




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  1. Boo hoo!! ? Who really cares?! Are you right wing Christian nationalists calling to defund the military?! Could it be that your hatred of the government is now being projected onto the military?! Is that because we now have trans people in our ranks?! Does that piss you poor Christian nationalists off?! Go join Westboro Baptist Church cause you all are just as crazy as them!! America is not yours, and America rejects you and your way of thinking. Just look no further than Kirk Cameron bwahahahahaha

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