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Trump, Asset Or Deficit?

During Trump’s first term he was definitely an asset to the conservatives, the nation, and the Republican party


Trump, Asset Or Deficit?

By Pete Ketcham

There is no doubt Trump accomplished many positive things for the good of the nation during his four year term, and had he been elected for another term, would no doubt have been able to accomplish many more positive things.

During Trump’s first term he was definitely an asset to the conservatives, the nation, and the Republican party, but now since he has announced he intends to run for president for a third time, things have changed.

Through no fault of his own (except for his arrogant boastful personality) the left Democrat party has made him the focus of every investigation, probe, and negative action they can come up with. In addition to the present ongoing investigations of him, there has now been one lawsuit, two investigations, and one court order lodged against him since his presidential announcement, and unfortunately there will be more.

One can certainly feel sympathy for Trump’s situation, but the reality is, he has become a deficit for the Republican party to win the presidency in 2024. He is simply dragging too much litigation baggage with him to have a successful campaign. Also his arrogant boastful (and sometimes insulting) attitude has made him a lightning rod for drawing criticism and hate from all areas of the political spectrum, both liberal and some conservative.

It is evident that any conservative Republican candidate for president will draw criticism from the Democrats, but they are not going to be facing the insane hatred for Trump that has overtaken the Democrats.


It will no doubt be a very contentious and disruptive fight in the Republican 2024 presidential primary if Trump decides to stay in to the bitter end. He will no doubt conduct his usual brutal insulting campaign against his opponents, which could create a lasting bitter divide within the republican party.

And lastly, not supporting Trump for the Republican 2024 president candidate is not a process of “throwing Trump Under the bus”, it simply reflects the present reality that he has now become a political liability. It would actually be to Trump’s personal benefit to back out of trying to be the primary “star” in the Republican’s battle to gain the 2024 presidency, and just help from the sidelines.


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2 Comments on Trump, Asset Or Deficit?

  1. Seems to me we should support our duly elected President. Anything less is complicity with the fraud. Granted, this is uncharted territory and presupposes there will be a legitimate election in 2024.
    Personally I doubt it.

  2. One has the impression a Joe Biden Republican wrote
    this article. Running for president requires a big ego.
    Mister Rogers won’t cut it. All of the lawsuits against Trump
    are not a liability but an asset. Obviously, the Marxist left is
    terrified of Trump and his America First agenda. The
    Marxist Democrats and their RINO lackeys will do anything
    to prevent Trump from running again and to stop him
    and the MAGA movement from taking control of the
    Republican Party. However, that Joe Biden Republican,
    shouldn’t worry, because the uniparty will steal the election
    once more from Trump, who will win in 2024. That the Marxist
    Democrat Party and the RINOs have joined together to create
    the uniparty in the middle of nowhere Sandpoint, Idaho to
    manipulate elections to their advantage, tells one that the
    uniparty has rigged elections throughout the country.

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