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Billion Dollar Racism Industry Keeps Left-Wing Lights On

When was the last time you met someone who was actually racist?

Billion Dollar Racism Industry Keeps Left-Wing Lights On

The Liberal Myth of Racism is
Foundational to the Democrat Machine

Billion Dollar Race Industry
Keeps Left-Wing Lights On

By Johnston Meadows

While most Americans have never met a genuine “racist” in their entire lives, it is all we hear about on popular television, in the universities, on the news, and on social media. Why is that you might ask? 

There is a billion dollar industry surrounding the innocuous term.


Black Lives Matter reportedly took in over $90 million dollars in 2020. That means “racism” really paid off for the group who’s mission is to ‘crush racism’ in America.

“If racism is the illness then Black Lives Matter is the cure”

Though, like the pharmaceutical industry, it doesn’t pay to cure a patient of his or her ails, it does, however, pay to keep a patient dependent on your medicine, with weekly prescriptions and costly insurance bills.

Therefore, “racism” is kept alive by those who benefit from it. They are the ones who seek it out, package it up, put a label on it, and shove it in front of all of our faces.

Conversely, it is those who are wrongfully labeled as “racist” who are most likely to not consider race whatsoever.

Donald Trump, the “biggest racist ever,” broke records after receiving a larger portion of the Hispanic vote than any other Republican president in U.S. history.

And while there is an entire race-based industry that thrives off of keeping “racism” alive in America, it isn’t always about the money.

It is also about the votes.


Black Lives Matter was a “political bonanza for Democrats,” says 

Black Lives Matter said so themselves in their detailed 2020 Impact Report, claiming that as the protest movement approached the 2020 election, their focus shifted to “increase voter turnout among all eligible voters.”

“Ballot or the Bullet”


This is what “getting out the vote” looked like leading up to the 2020 elections. 

Keep in mind, the mass-riot movement of 2020 took place during the erroneous ‘COVID’ lockdowns which precipitated the implementation of mass mail-in voting.

You were locked down, masked up, and left helplessly watching along as millions of young Americans burned down the country on television, all while the reporters were calling you “racist.” 

And while they are calling you racist, they are also calling everything in the entire world racist.

Everything is Racist

Racism is a billion dollar industry and those who profit from it are its purveyors.

Racism is so profitable that celebrities will risk getting arrested to get a piece of the action.


Racism: The conspiracy involving politicians, news outlets, and companies — collectively working in conjunction with each-other — branding people and things as ‘racist’ ad nauseam, to induce mass-psychosis within the general public in search of monetary and / or political gain. 

Ultimately, liberals, Democrats, and anyone else infected with the “racism” mind virus cannot be convinced that racism doesn’t exist behind very blade of grass. In fact, attempting to speak sense into any of these people will most likely end with them calling you racist.

So, it is what it is. The race industry will continue to grow, ripping apart the country family by family, neighborhood by neighborhood, until literally everything is racist. If you think everything is racist now, just wait until the future, where everything will REALLY be racist. That’s when racism will be defeated.

Also, if your’e reading this far: Tomorrow, go outside and avoid the internet and television. Go out in public from sun up to sun down, without any form of media — do this and you will see just how not-racist our country really is. 



First published at Idaho Tribune

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