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Nazification Of The Democrat Party


Nazification Of The Democrat Party

by Pete Ketcham

The word “Nazi” has been thrown around between both political parties on numerous occasions to demonize an individual, or a policy, but it is now evident that the policies and actions of the Democrat party have become very similar to those of the Nazi party of Germany.

The following comparisons of policy between the German Nazi Party and the present Democrat Party are as follows:

News Media Propaganda
The Nazis controlled and used all the national newspapers, movie makers, books, and others forms of media to disseminate their propaganda, and unfortunately it was believed by the majority of the German people, as it was their only source of news.

Today the liberal mainstream news media (sometimes referred to a fake news) has become the propaganda arm of the Democrat party, and have continually misled the majority of Americans by their biased and false reporting of the “news”. All the major news outlets such as ABC, CNN, NBC, New York Times, and many others have lost all objectivity, and report a completely manipulated and biased version of events that benefits the image of the Democrat Party and it’s members.

No Belief In GOD
The Nazis had tolerated people who believed in God as long as they did not criticize the Nazis, but they themselves had absolutely no belief or respect for God as they went about their evil godless agenda.

The majority of the Democrats exhibit no belief in God whatsoever, and demonize the Christian belief. They govern from a secular philosophy with no regard to right or wrong as they promote their illogical evil policies by the use of deceit, lies, and fraud.

Indoctrination Of School Students
The Nazis controlled all phases of national education, and used it as a indoctrination institute (from elementary school to the universities) to promote the bizarre Nazi doctrine. They supplemented this indoctrination by organizations such as the Hitler Youth which swept millions of youth into their evil demented philosophy.

Likewise our Democrat controlled education system (from elementary school to the universities) has been converted into a indoctrination system, teaching bizarre sex education, CRT, racial conflict, and a anti-God philosophy. In addition, this Democrat indoctrination is supported by numerous pro Democrat organizations that have a wide audience across the nation.

Deceptive Political Speeches
Hitler and his cabal held numerous political rallies where Hitler ranted and raved for hours, spewing forth lie after lie of what he had done, and what he will do, and for the most part the German people believed him due to his speaking skills.

Today when you hear a Democrat politician making statements concerning an issue, almost 100% of the time he/she is lying and misleading their audience, but due to their speaking skills, they are able to convince their gullible audience they are speaking truth and wisdom.

Use Of Street Mobs
Hitler used his “Brown Shirts” to rampage through the Jewish communities, smashing windows, burning businesses, synagogues, homes, and eventually sending 30,000 jews to concentration camps as a first stage of what later turned into millions.

BLM, Antifa, and others have become the domestic terrorist arm of the Democrat party, smashing windows, burning businesses, and looting. By the influence of the Democrats, they are neither condemned nor prosecuted for their crimes, and in fact are financially supported by the Democrats.

Mass Execution Of A Segment Of The Population
The Nazis slaughtered millions of Jews in their death camps, as they were not considered worthy of life according to the Nazi philosophy, and were vilified as vermin and parasites.

By the whole hearted support of the Democrats, the abortion industry has killed millions of unborn babies, and like the Nazi considered the Jews, these unborn babies are also considered unworthy of life according to the Democrat philosophy. It is mind boggling how the Democrats have convinced millions of mothers throughout the years by the statement “MY BODY, MY CHOICE” to kill their unborn babies..

It is clearly evident that the Democrat Party’s ultament goal is to obliterate all God-fearing, conservative, constitutional influence in the governing of this nation, and establish a godless socialist nation. If this is to be prevented, the Democrat Party as it now exists today, will need to be neutralized, dissolved, or destroyed.

And so: As the Nazi Party was to Germany, so has the Democrat party become to America.


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  1. Mr Ketcham doesn’t mention another prime goal of totalitarian governments, whether they be Facist, or Communist – a disarmed civilian population…Making us disarmed and defenseless is certainly a top objective of the Dems…The Nazi SA, called the brownshirts, are mentioned, but what happened to these street fighting bully boys after Hitler came to power ?..Answer: Their usefulness over. he had them killed..The BLM and antifa morons should ponder this..

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