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The Success Of The Biden Regime

Biden and his controlling cabal can sit around the conference table and congratulate each other

Biden Crisis Governors Slam JoeBama over Border Crisis

The Success Of The Biden Regime
(As Touted by the Liberal Media)

by Pete Ketcham

The Biden administration composed of a radical left godless cabal, and a demented puppet (controlled by them), had a dedicated agenda when they took power, and have had tremendous success in accomplishing that nationwide agenda.

Their primary agenda was to destroy any and all things that Donald Trump had accomplished or put in place. In this primary agenda there was absolutely no consideration of what was good for the nation or it’s citizens. Driven by their insane hatred of Trump, their mission was to destroy it all, regardless of the harm it could bring to the nation.

And so the successful destruction of the following two major items began at the beginning of the Biden presidency, and continues on to this day. These two items will impact the entire nation harder than any other of his “successes”, (which are many).

The Border

Trump was in the process of completing an effective border wall that would enable the Border Patrol to control illegal entry of foreigners, Mexican cartel members, felony criminals, and dangerous drugs. Biden stopped construction of the wall, opened the border, and has allowed an overwhelming invasion of un-vetted illegal aliens (almost 5000 per day).

The impact of this insane policy is being felt primarily by the border states, but at the existing rate of 5,000 per day, and the projected rate of 18,000 per day when Biden destroys the “Title 42″ Trump policy, it will impact every state in the union. In essence there will be a influx of illegals EVERY DAY equal to the population of an average mid size American town .

Loss Of Energy Independence

Once again the insane hatred of all things Trump motivated the Biden “cabal” and the puppet to destroy the energy independence that Trump had created. Under Trump we no longer had to import oil, the gas industry was booming, pipelines being built, Anwar being developed, etc, but Biden successful shut it all down. Among many consequences of his actions, gas prices have soared, transport of goods cost has soared, and inflation has reached a 40 year high.

And so, Biden and his controlling cabal can sit around the conference table and congratulate each other on their successful destruction of the two most important (among many) items of the Trump administration, thus leaving the people who voted for Biden (and those who did not) wallowing in the disastrous aftermath of his insane destructive “success”.


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