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Dallas Texas Democrat Stupidity

Whoever this Dim Democrat is, she is making the case for voter integrity laws!

Dallas Texas Democrat Stupidity

by Shari Dovale

I wish I had not stumbled upon an absolutely stupid comment by a member of the Dallas Democrats. This led to verification of another stupid comment, and onto an entire thread of stupidity on Twitter.

But, the Dims do not see their actions and comments as lacking in intelligence, so I am sure it is time to enlighten them.

It began with an article from the Political Insider mocking these ijits over needing Dr. Pepper and money to ship it to Washington DC.

Over the weekend, the official Twitter account for the Dallas County Democratic Party sent out a message to their followers requesting vital items for their colleagues who are currently ‘subverting democracy’ and/or simply avoiding work.

Critical items such as salsa and Dr. Pepper made the list, along with donations that would allegedly be used to pay for shipping costs.

Besides laughing my keister off over them paying for shipping these heavy bottles instead of just sending gift cards, I happened to notice the quote: ‘subverting democracy’.

Since they are supposed to be the party of upholding our “Democracy” (instead of our Republic) it got me to wondering how “subverting Democracy” got to be a good thing, after all, haven’t they been screaming about the Jan 6 protest … um, I mean “insurrection” … as doing just that?

Before I take a turn down this rabbit hole, let’s look at what else I found.

After poking around the Twit site, I happened upon a thread from the Dallas Dems, and one “Emily Eby” who seems to be an integral part of that organization.

As a self-proclaimed ‘voting rights attorney,’ you would think Ms. Eby could have the intelligence not to make to following statements (emphasis added):

This is Steve. Steve is a veteran. He has a tough work schedule, so no time to get a license. He was born 17 years before Social Security. Under HB3, how does he explain this on his vote-by-mail application? Can his county reject his explanation? No vote for Captain America.



I am not even going to touch on the Marvel theme, except to reflect that they are trying to use actual examples of real people in general.


This means that they are advocating for a 103 year old man that has such a tough work schedule that he has no time to get a license or ID.


Then there is this one:

This is Bruce. Since his arm injury, he can’t push buttons on a voting machine and needs an assistant. But his friends are all secret agents (or dead), so none of them want to put their name on a public oath or risk prosecution in Texas, even to assist Bruce. No vote for Hulk.


Really? His friends are all dead, and they do not want to risk prosecution in Texas. I found this to be a most interesting scenario.


Let’s look at another one:

This is Thor & Loki. Since they’re both over 65 (by 1000+ years), they’re eligible to vote by mail. But since they’re new here, they don’t know how to get a ballot. HB3 would not let their county send them a vote-by-mail application unless they ask. No vote for Thor & Loki.

Apparently, she wants you to believe that someone can be smart enough to move to a new location, figure out how to get utilities turned on, get a job, etc. but cannot figure out how to get a ballot. Are these supposed to be people that voted previously, and would be at least familiar with the process?

Then she wants you to believe that the local democrats would already know them and their address (do they get it from the utility company?) and are the only ones that can send a ballot before anyone was able to request one.

Whoever this Dim Democrat is, she is making the case for voter integrity laws.

Let’s make them even stronger!



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