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A Budget Surplus Nearing $2 BILLION!

Many people are concerned with the real possibility of being taxed out of their homes

Budget Surplus Nearing $2 BILLION!

A Budget Surplus Nearing $2 BILLION!

by Rep. Karey Hanks

We have convened in the Capitol in Boise for the 2022 Idaho legislative session. We heard from the governor Monday. He promoted his Leading Idaho proposals. There are many requested increases in the budget for this next year.

With a budget surplus nearing $2 BILLION, much of this should be returned to our Idaho taxpayers’ pockets! Individuals and families can use it more wisely than most, if not all, agencies and departments.

The governor’s budget  proposal increases public education by approximately $300 million, an 11% general fund increase over last year.

He proposes income tax relief in the form of a 12% rebate for most taxpayers. While he is touting “holding the line” on property taxes, many people throughout the state are experiencing BIG increases, and are concerned with the real possibility of being taxed out of their homes.

We need a serious look at property tax relief, especially for our families, and senior citizens on fixed incomes.

Election Integrity is another serious issue for which the governor is asking to allocate money. We have reports which have come from some of our communities concerning irregularities in the election process. New ideas have already been submitted to the House State Affairs committee for consideration to tighten up election integrity in Idaho. Transparency and following Idaho code is imperative to ensure honest election results!

Read the entire State of the State speech:

House Revenue & Tax committee Chairman Steve Harris is the gatekeeper to end the Food Tax in Idaho. Please contact him and his committee  members (HERE) to urge the introduction of Rep. Ron Nate’s Food Tax repeal bill proposal. As inflation increases, we pay more to the government on top of the rising food prices themselves–a double whammy! And, we are one of only 5 states that fully taxes our food, a basic necessity. Let’s end this tax on families now!

More on property taxes: I have received several emails and calls from individuals pleading with us to address property taxes. While the actual tax is determined at the local county level, the legislature sets the parameters and has options to help, including totally doing away with property taxes.  Other options are being explored as well.

How can you help?

Contact your legislators as well as:
Speaker Bedke:
Pro tem Chuck Winder:
Gov. Little:

Demand that they support real property tax relief for our citizens.

One more point on upcoming legislation: I plan to introduce an updated H339 Mask Mandate Prohibition bill to include private employers, and will be submitting that for consideration soon. Many parents have expressed opposition to the requirements of their children being masked in school. This affects students’ mental, emotional, as well as physical well-being. Masking should be optional, as well as the Covid shots.



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