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nashville School Boards Are Targeting Children

School Boards Are Targeting Children

June 6, 2022 0

School Boards Are Targeting Children by Oregon Firearms Federation As a result of the passage of SB 554, schools in Oregon now have the authority to prevent licensed adults from being anywhere on their property [Read More]


Invasion By Other Means

April 29, 2022 1

Invasion By Other Means by Pete Ketcham What is happening in Ukraine by the Russian invasion is a horrible scene. It is death and destruction on a major scale that is literally destroying Ukraine as [Read More]

Pro-Life, Pro-Liberty

Pro-Life, Pro-Liberty

October 18, 2021 0

Pro-Life, Pro-Liberty by Ron Paul Abortion has returned to the headlines thanks to Texas’ “heartbeat law.” As the name suggests, this law outlaws abortions performed after doctors can detect a fetal heartbeat. This is one [Read More]

Covid 1984

The Great Southwest Airlines Rebellion?

October 13, 2021 0

The Great Southwest Airlines Rebellion? by Ron Paul The incredible cruelty and folly of forced vaccines finally came home to roost. The vaccine mandate backlash has been bubbling just under the surface, but now it [Read More]


Time To Resign Joe

September 5, 2021 0

Time To Resign Joe By Mike Huckabee Our “Good Catholic” President Joe Biden announced that he was launching a “whole of government” effort to fight the new Texas law banning abortions of babies after they [Read More]


Dallas Texas Democrat Stupidity

July 26, 2021 0

Dallas Texas Democrat Stupidity by Shari Dovale I wish I had not stumbled upon an absolutely stupid comment by a member of the Dallas Democrats. This led to verification of another stupid comment, and onto [Read More]

Idaho Legislators Join Texas Election Lawsuit
Video Articles

Idaho Legislators Join Texas Election Lawsuit

December 10, 2020 0

Idaho Legislators Join Texas Election Lawsuit Rep. Heather Scott explains the amicus brief filed by Idaho legislators.     The views, opinions, or positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments are theirs alone, [Read More]

We Need More Honesty
Bonner County

We Need More Honesty

July 8, 2020 0

We Need More Honesty  by Jeremy Conlin Dr Scott Atlas, a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, penned “Lies, Damn Lies and COVID-19 Statistics” for PJ Media, July 3, 2020. Explaining that “case” merely means [Read More]

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