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WBCSD Levy is an Audacity

Please vote on May 18th, 2021

WBCSD Levy is an Audacity

WBCSD Levy is an Audacity

Last March, West Bonner County School District voters said No to the 2-year supplemental levy. A week later the school board voted unanimously to re-run it. Clearly, they consider the will of the voters to be irrelevant and perhaps based on ignorance.

Actually, the voters, having endured a never-ending train of levies, are pretty savvy and are looking at details.

The first thing they noticed this time is that calling it a “replacement” levy is misleading: it is 14.4% higher than the previous 2-year levy, and therefore a tax increase.

Secondly, transparency in accounting practices is sorely needed. The superintendent and business manager indicate that WBCSD has gotten good at shuffling around unused levies. “Unused levies”?

Another statement revealed that they recently utilized an old levy for a current position. “An old levy”? How old, specifically? How long has it been sitting there?

The business manager acknowledged that due to the pandemic she “really searched through every pocket that we had here.”

One wonders how many “pockets” there are, and why a new levy being asked for when old levy funds are found sitting in “pockets”?

And that doesn’t even address the fact that neither the superintendent or business manager have mentioned that WBCSD is getting more than $4 million in federal funds this year, most of it allowed to be used for anything at all.

This levy is not justified, and on May 18 we need to vote it down again!

Carmen Croitoru
Priest River



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