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Fighting In A Losing Arena

The moral soul of this nation lies within the cultural arena, not in the political arena

party Fighting In A Losing Arena

Fighting In A Losing Arena

by Pete Ketcham

The battle for the mystical moral soul of America goes on at a frantic pace in the political arena, with the God-fearing conservatives losing ground year after year.

The conservative’s belief has been: that if we just win the senate, or the house, or the presidency we can turn it all around, but this strategy has actually done nothing to prevent the moral decline of America. The reason that the conservatives continue to fail, is that the moral soul of this nation lies within the cultural arena, not in the political arena. Basically politics follows the culture, where the collective morals of our nation goes, so goes the politics, and in this case, the Democrat political party follows this corrupt path of moral decline.

Basically It Started In Hollywood
Similar to a small camp fire that evolves into a mammoth forest fire, destroying thousands of acres, so has the influence of Hollywood swept the world.

All through WW2 Hollywood produced patriotic films incorporating high standards and heroism in support of the nation’s war efforts. Even though the private lives of the actors in some cases was questionable, their product was basically good on through the 1950’s, but with the evolution of the baby boomers in the early 60’s it all rapidly changed. From that point on the influence of Hollywood (and the entertainment world)  grew prodigiously as it pumped out morally degenerate movies, TV, music, and general entertainment.

The Christian Influence (or lack thereof)
Adding to this decline of the culture, was the failure of the christian community to influence or supervise the education of the last three generations of the nation’s youth. This negligence by the christian community has allowed the education system to evolve into a complete godless indoctrination system, which along with Hollywood has now brought the nation’s culture to it’s present state of depravity.

Even today, the christian community is advocating the return of the youth back to public classrooms as soon as possible, to continue the woke indoctrination of their children.

It has now become evident these last thirteen years, that this nation is not going to return to it’s founding christian principles through the political process. As stated previously, the culture prevails, the politics follow.

And so, how do God-fearing conservatives proceed outside the political arena to restore their nation back to it’s founding principles?

It would seem at this time there is no solid answer to that question, as the avenues and opportunities for christian influence in this present culture are limited, and shrinking. Thus it seems evident that nothing can be accomplished in either arena (political/social) to stop this national moral decent, leaving nothing less than a catastrophic event that shakes the nation to it’s foundations.

Two of these possible catastrophic events are as follows

1. The national economy could completely collapse due to hyper inflation brought on by the illogical economic & energy policies of the Democrats, with the result the economy could go into a severe depression such as occurred in the 1930’s. If this happens, there is the possibility that the citizens, as a last resort may finally revolt and remove the Democrats from power.

2. The possibility of a hostile EMP or nuclear missile attack by one of our primary enemies  could result in a complete reset, with the survivors literally starting over as the nation is pushed back into the 19th century. There is also the possibility that the nation (losing it’s defensive capabilities) could be invaded and occupied by our enemies.

Regardless of what other possible future scenarios that might take place, it remains a demonstrated fact, that the conservatives are losing the battle to return this nation back to it’s Godly founding principles, and will continue to lose as long as they believe the solution lies within the political arena. This is not to say to give up the political fight, but to realize it is not the path to the restoration of our Christian based constitutional nation.


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