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Political Criminal Enterprise

What do the God-fearing conservatives have at their disposal to fight this insidious evil Democrat Political Criminal Enterprise?

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Political Criminal Enterprise (PCE)

by Pete Ketcham

The Democrat political party has now evolved into a Political Criminal Enterprise (PCE) that is huge and very powerful. I have not used the term “Criminal Enterprise” as a clever descriptive term in order to slam the Democrats, but as an accurate description of a political criminal mafia type enterprise that has no limits on what it will do to achieve it’s agenda.

Although there has been elements of corruption in our nation for many years, this PCE was given birth by a totally corrupt Arkansas governor and his wife (Bill & Hillary Clinton) back in 1993 when they gained the White House. For eight long years this couple injected their corrupt philosophy into every branch and department of the national government where it continued to expand through out the Bush presidency, and was present for Obama to use (for eight years) in the finishing transformation from a political party to a Political Criminal Enterprise (PCE)

It is difficult for Republicans and God-fearing Christians to understand and accept the fact, that the days of normal rivalry between political parties is over, It has evolved into a war for the constitutional survival of this nation. It is a war against a total corrupt criminal element that has successfully hid behind the false image of a political party as they took control, of the news media, the education system, the entertainment industry, social media (Facebook, Google, &Twitter), and took control of two nationwide street gangs (Black Lives Matter & Antifa). In addition to all that, this criminal enterprise has been able to place corrupt activist political judges throughout the judicial system, eliminating fair and legal justice for the those who appose this PCE.

The Republicans and God-fearing Christians continue to fight this war for our constitutional nation’s survival in the political arena, but the reality is, it can not be won politically when the enemy is a complete criminal enterprise that uses the political options only as cover for their corrupt agenda.

And now, this Democrat PCE may have “pulled off” the biggest heist in US history, they may have stolen the US presidency.


And so, what do the God-fearing conservatives have at their disposal to fight this insidious evil Democrat Political Criminal Enterprise?

I would answer they “have what it takes”. They have the awesome power of truth, reality, and courage to fight. Last but not least, they have the blessing of God which, was present at the birth of this constitutional nation and is still present today.

The exact tactics and strategy that needs to be used by the God-fearing conservatives are not clearly evident at this time, but I am confident that through prayerful supplication, God will guide us in the fight against this monster criminal enterprise.


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