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Todd Engel Update – Feds File to Dismiss with Prejudice!

Judge Navarro is expected to sign the motion within the next couple of days.

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Todd Engel Update – Feds File to Dismiss with Prejudice!

by Shari Dovale

Todd Engel has been held in Federal prison for nearly 5 years. The charges stemmed from the encounter in Bunkerville, Nevada in which citizens from around the country came to the aid of rancher Cliven Bundy.

Engel traveled from North Idaho to Nevada after he saw videos posted on social media exposing agents of the Federal Government violating the rights of multiple citizens.

An example of the violations include when the Feds had set up what they called “Free Speech Zones, which was nothing more than a few fences set up miles away from the protest area, and they told the demonstrators that they could only protest in these small areas.

Another example showed the feds knocking down to the ground Cliven’s sister Margaret, a cancer survivor.

Agents from the Bureau of Land Management, in concert with the Prosecution team, rounded up multiple people that were at these protests and charged them, holding them in prison for years before trial.

Engel was one of the first defendants to go to trial, and this trial went very badly, for all sides. See details through multiple articles here: Todd Engel Archives

Recently, Engel’s appellate attorney, Warren Markowitz, successfully argued this case in front of the 9th circuit court of appeals. The judges ruled to vacate the conviction of Todd Engel and sent the case back to Nevada for either release or a new trial.

Now, the prosecution team has filed to have the charges against Engel dismissed with prejudice, meaning that Engel would be released with no chance of being retried on these charges. Judge Navarro is expected to sign the motion within the next couple of days.

In an exclusive interview with attorney Warren Markowitz, Redoubt News learned the details of the pending release of political prisoner Todd Engel.



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2 Comments on Todd Engel Update – Feds File to Dismiss with Prejudice!

  1. Five years out of a life for basically a political conviction…since Mr. Engels did nothing violent or fraudulent.

  2. Many of you remember the manic celebration after Ammon, Ryan and Cliven were set free..Charges dismissed ! With prejudice !..The case against them had collapsed in the midst of scandalous revelations of prosecutorial misconduct – not to mention a stinging whistleblower expose – first reported by Redoubt News…How can it be, folks, that Mr Engle, railroaded by the same scheming prosecutor , had to languish until now for his own dismissal ? The more we know of the Federal “Justice” system, the less respect we have for it..

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